Facilitator Hired By Alton Central (ACS) SCHOOL BOARD, For $3,000, To Spearhead Crucial ‘Strategic Plan’ Suspended In Raymond Last September.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Breaking News

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This is indeed interesting news. I was under the impression that
Superintendent, Mr. Bill Lander,
had briefed the Board, in non-public session, as to this matter.

Why would he have not done so?

Did he not think it was germane?

Key Points:

§ Superintendent, Mr. Bill Lander, who proposed Jean Richards, with unstinted praise, never mentioned this suspension in public session.

§ Board Members present at the August 8 meeting where this was approved: Sandy Wyatt, Terri Noyes, Steve Miller & Carlos Martinez.

§ Suspension from Raymond took place in September 2012 — less than a year ago.

§ It is not clear from the 2nd (Raymond) report, but there still appears to be residual cases in court.

§ She is now Superintendent of a school district, Monroe, with 72 students? Link.

§ Why weren’t any other Superintendents considered, or was this (another) insider-job given that Mr. Lander has indicated that he ‘knows’ her?

§ Given that bullying in various forms is a major issue at ACS it seems ironic that the Board would decide to hire a facilitator who was at ‘troubled’ Raymond.

§ To me this is another example of this board being insensitive to the parents & kids at ACS and thumbing their nose, yet again, at the bullying issues!

§ I hear, and I do not as yet, have the details, that Alton’s Prospect Mountain High School is facing a bullying lawsuit. So, the Board hires this facilitator for their strategic plan? What are they drinking?

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School Board Chair reading glowing account of proposed facilitator
with no mention of the suspension (and resignation).

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