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100,000 Views Of This Blog Just In 2013 At An Average Of 423 Views Per Day.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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No this is not old news. The last 100,000 post was in mid-June when this Blog was inching towards 100,000 all-time views.

Since then we are approaching, and will reach it today or tomorrow, 100,000 for THE YEAR.

We are still in August and we have had TRIPLE the hits  for all of 2012.

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It, as they will always tell you, has all to do with content and perseverance.

Here are the first 8 posts on this blog MINUS the ‘Windows 7’ posts that I moved to my Windows 7 blog (which has an all-time hit count of 184,400).

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I started this blog, in anger, when I found out that Dartmouth Hitchcock Clinic (DHMC) had quite literally abused me in the posterior! I wanted others to know so they could avoid getting violated.

I was no stranger to blogging. I already had multiple, quite active, pope blogs.

After the DHMC post I didn’t do another until I had a run-in with U.S. Cellular. Again the goal was to give others a heads up.

Then Windows 7 came along and I really got hooked on it – especially since I had this PC, handbuilt, for Windows 7. I started blogging incessantly about Windows 7. I also found many tips on how to get the best from Windows 7 and even how to fix some bugs. Suffice to say that these posts became very popular and remain so — since some of the bugs, such as the appearance of the annoying padlock, still persists. So I created a new ‘Windows 7’ blog and moved all the Windows 7 posts from this blog to that and then did my Windows-related posts on that blog. That blog still gets 100+ hits a day though I stopped posting on it way back in 2011. Just don’t have the time.

In February 2012 we started homeschooling Devanee because she was getting bullied at Alton Central School (ACS). Homeschooling proved to be a popular topic. That explains the spike in popularity in early 2012. Then the Olympics. My few Olympics posts were a hit. That is when I started posting here on a daily basis.

My ‘popes-and-papacy‘ blog has had 625,000 hits since 2010. That is another blog that I have now put to pasture. My ‘papam’ blog, also inactive, has had 184,000 hits. So 809,000 hits on just these two pope blogs.

Add the 133,956 from here and the 184,472 from Windows 7
and we have 1,127,812 hits!

Well all these hits hasn’t really made me rich — though of LATE we are seeing some ‘bennies’.

Just wanted to chronicle this, because that is what blogging is meant to be. Thanks. Cheers.

Yes, we did hit 100,000 on Saturday, August 24, 2013 as I had assumed in my earlier post.


Halfmoon Lake Has Been Deserted (And Unseasonably Cold) This Last Week. I Am Still Swimming.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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That is a lonesome and kind of cold me.

Deanna takes the dogs early in the morning.

This has been quite a Summer. Lots of rain to begin with — but nowhere close to a record. Then a brutal heat wave for one week. More rain and then this cold spell in August that precipitated an eerily early fall foliage.

The lake, i.e., Halfmoon (which we use most often though I, as usual, swam in Winnipesaukee 5 or 6 times), is cold. Kind of a bummer. It was cold in June. It was too cold for me to go swimming till July 8 — and that is 2 weeks beyond my normal start. But, I am persevering with the swimming because when I stop swimming I know that the Summer is over. That it has been hot over the last few days have helped a tad, but the temp. at night is what we usually get in September.

We went to the beach around 5:40 pm on Monday — that being usually when we go since none of us like baking in the Sun. The whole beach, from one end to the other, as you can see from the pictures above, was empty. August 19. Beautiful afternoon/evening. It is as if people have given up on this Summer. We also went Wednesday and Thursday and there were a few people around. Yes, I know that schools have started in MA and in some parts of NH. But, it is sad. This is way too early to call quits on the Summer.

At least the ducks, Maya and I will try to get as much swimming as possible before it gets really cold. Maya will carry on swimming till November! Loves the water. Doesn’t mind the cold.

Watching ‘TEN Cricket’ With Skybox TV ‘Catch Up’ Feature With Great Success All Week. ‘TEN Cricket’ In The U.S.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.tenlogo

Anura Guruge

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Catch Up‘ for TEN Cricket, essentially a server-side DVR capability that will go back 30-days became available on Skybox TV last Sunday.

I have, as was the case when I had cricket with DISH, been watching cricket every night from 10:00 to 10:45 pm — before coming up to do another 2 hours of work. All this week I used ‘Catch Up’ to watch the 2013 West Indies v. Pakistan ODI series. Great series. 3rd ODI was a nail-biter. Good cricket. Amazing bowling. Some memorable batting performances. The new tall West Indian bowler, Jason Holder, who can also hit, appears to be a GREAT FIND. Joy to watch him bowl. Reminds me of the greats from the 1970s and 1980s. And then Pakistan has the 7′ Irfan.

I wasn’t sure about ‘Catch Up’ since I had never used it. I like it. Saves me having to record the matches. They are there … on the menu … and you just select them. The 30-day window could be a problem. Maybe I could get them to extend it, at least for ‘TEN’, to maybe 90 days. That would work.

Quality has been GOOD. Actually GREAT. No delays, no jitter, no breakup of the video. Actually it is better than what I was getting on DISH. Yes, one program was only 1/2 recorded, 57 minutes out of 2 hours. But, I think that was an initial glitch. Yes, I have told them about it and they promised to look into it.

So, I am a very happy camper.

Had another call today from somebody who wants a box. Here is THE LINK.