‘Annie & The Orphans’ Were So Brilliant At Wolfeboro Last Night That They Kept The Storm At Bay.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Bravo. Bravo. Bravo.

Easily THE BEST, musically, of the four Summer concerts we have attended at Cate Park this Summer — in what was a dynamite series.

We knew that ‘Annie & The Orphans‘ are GOOD. We had seen them numerous time. They did not disappoint. If anything they blew past all expectations. They belted out all of the immortal rock’n roll classics from the 1950s onwards. The crowds loved them. We danced. The kids had a load of fun. Some got on stage. There were a lot of small American flags (which are a trademark of this very patriotic band). They had THE BEST sound system I have seen in many a year. A Bose sound system with three slim vertical speakers. Expensive but definitely worth the money.

Though the weather looked extremely dodgy I wanted to go. So we went. It looked so stormy that we didn’t bother to unfold our folding chairs. We wanted to be able to make a quick dash when the heaven’s opened up. So we, instead, sat on the retaining wall at the back. Wasn’t bad.

Good crowd. Nearly as many as for the previous concerts we had attended — and all of those had near perfect weather. That so many people decided to brave the threatening weather is a testament to how much the folks around here love this band — that has been performing for 49.5 years! Yes, the band will be 50 years old in 2014.

Around 7:40 we were sure it was going to come bucketing down. There were some rain drops. The umbrellas went up. Some people, alas, left. We got up to leave but I said lets give it a couple more minutes. The raindrops stopped. It actually kind of cleared up. We had lightning and one impressive roll of thunder. But, the band played on, undeterred.

They did NOT take the customary break at 8pm. They played on. So they played, non-stop, from 7 to 9. Annie was concerned about the weather and wanted to make sure the crowd got a treat. It payed off. A hugely memorable performance. We will all be able to say: We saw Annie & The Orphans in Wolfeboro when they defied the weather.

The Master of Ceremonies for the concert, though we didn’t know it till we got there, was our friend from Clearlakes Chorale, Robert Burns. That was good. We talked to him during and after the concert. I also went and thanked Anatole and some of the band members. Very nice bunch of people. We told them that we were sorry that they were no longer at Sandwich Fair. I am going to try and fix that for 2014. I will be calling them after this year’s fair to tell them that we want  Annie & The Orphans back.

So despite the huge black clouds we didn’t leave the park till 9:30. On the way back, around Robert’s Cove, it bucketed down. But, it was local. No rain by the time we got to Alton.

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