Tavern 27, Laconia, N.H.: Tapas U.S. Style. Lot Of Fun. Definitely Worth Trying Out. Sure To Enjoy It.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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I am fairly familiar with Tapas. I have been to Portugal, the home of Tapas, a few times and have also frequented genuine Tapas bars in S.F. and Boston. I had heard good things about this place in Laconia and wanted to try it out.

Glad we went. It sure was a fun evening. It was complete, all-inclusive entertainment replete with a very lively (albeit a tad too loud (in terms of volume) piano player, very attentive and fun serve staff, good food and very pleasing, unusual decor that gave it a very exotic ambience. It was eclectic at its best; bronze statues of Ganesh alongside a huge chunk of quartz with van Gogh prints on the wall.

The food was good. The coffee was exquisite. WOW. I would go back just for the coffee. To say it was good would be an understatement. The NE chowder, delicately flavored but robust, was amazing. It was so good I ordered a second cup! I should have had a bowl to begin with. The Scotch Egg was as close to authentic as I can recall and I am Scotch Egg aficionado. We had a good time. The wait staff, both male, one local the other from the West, were very, very good. Very personable.

Wonderful, delectable location and today was the perfect evening. It was resplendent in its pastoral setting with the mountains in the distance, rolling countryside in between, a twinkling lake (or two) interspersed and a hint of a golf course nearby.

It sure seems to be popular with a regular crowd. As we were leaving around 8 pm it was packed. Some may have come in after a round of golf. Seems an affluent hangout judging from the expensive cars outside. Prices were ‘OK’, par for the course for an establishment of that calibre. $100+ for two adults & 2 kids (and just two glasses of wine).

Would definitely go again. Will know the drill better next time. Going to start with the coffee, It is from a local, Laconia coffee grinder. I have had coffee from them at the Laconia Airport Open Day and at the Laconia Multicultural Day. But that was in a ‘plastic’ cup. Here I had the works, including a press-down coffee maker with good cream. Wow.

The food, though Tapas style, is quite American. So don’t worry that it might be too excotic. It is not. It hints at the exotic while delivering what you are accustomed to — albeit in different proportions. Try it. I think you will like it.

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