I Am NOT Sold On The Emmi-Dent Ultrasonic Toothbrush. I Stopped Using It.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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I get a lot of hits, on an increasing basis, on my Emmi-Dent posts. So I want to make sure that people don’t walk away with the wrong impression.

I am NO LONGER sold on the Emmi-Dent (supposedly) ultrasonic toothbrush.

I am not sure it works.

I have stopped using it on a regular basis.

But, Deanna loves it and is sure that it is doing wonders for her. So, that is where we are.

Deanna and I have very different requirements when it comes to dental care. Since I am regularly told by dentist that I have teeth like a horse, have very few fillings and look after my teeth quite well, all I need is STAIN prevention. My daily diet of two cups of coffee, two to three cups of strong black tea and one large glass of diluted red wine is a perfect recipe for staining — what are fairly white teeth when clean.

That is why I keep on looking for an ultrasonic toothbrush that will help me keep control of my staining.

I do not think the Emmi-Dent, despite its claims, did anything for my stains.

But, I have found, what I think is a better regime, since my last visit to my now EX-DENTIST in mid-June. I am not going to be violated by him again.

I have always been assiduous about using mouthwash morning and night. I use (generic) Listerine. When I have run out of ‘Listerine’ I have used hydrogen peroxide — which I know is a good mouthwash.

But, since mid-June I am rinsing my teeth, for a full minute, morning and night, with diluted 2(HO) — which as you know is a strong oxidizer.

Yes, of course, I have read that 2(HO), now even found in toothpaste, works as a stain remover. So that is what I am trying.

I am also using a lot of new, 50 cent toothbrushes (2 for a dollar at the Dollar Store) and throwing them out after a few days. I brush vigorously. I am known to break off the heads of toothbrushes from the pressure I apply. Works for me. My gums don’t bleed and I guess they are used to the scrubbing.

So I have now gone 3 months since my last cleaning. During that time I have hardly used the Emmi-Dent.

2(HO) rinsing for at least a minute, vigorous brushing for at least a minute and then rinsing again with ‘Listerine’ — morning and night, and maybe once more during the day if I am going out.

So that is where I stand with the Emmi-Dent. We still have it because Deanna likes it and uses it faithfully twice (or more) a day.

When it packs up, as it surely will do (like all electronic toothbrushes), I will look for another.

In the meantime I am going to stick with my hydrogen peroxide regime. It is cheap if nothing else.

P.S., You drink a bit of the hydrogen peroxide while you are rinsing and it does your stomach no end of good!

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