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WMUR Best Pizza Place In New Hampshire Poll: I, Of Course, Voted For Giuseppe’s In Meredith — Who Else Could I Vote For? What About YOU?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


 .by Anura Guruge

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Click to access WMUR poll. You too can vote.

Click to access WMUR poll. You too can vote.

was not a very big pizza eater — but about the ONLY place where I would eat pizza would be at Giueseppe’s. So it would have been churlish if I did not vote.

I have gone back twice and had a look. Hhhmmmm.

Strange. Yes, I see some obvious places I recognize like the Pizza Barn in Ossipee, but a lot of places I have never heard of. Though I am not a huge pizza eater doesn’t mean I do not know ‘many’ of the popular local eateries. 

I am dying to see the final results.

I hope Giuseppe’s do reasonably well. Of course it is the family favorite. Devanee is already insisting that we go there for dinner for her birthday, as we did last year. And yes, I have e-mailed Julie to give her a heads up that we most likely will be there.

Intrigues me how the kids like the place. That is good.

So please don’t let me influence you, but at least do your civic duty and cast a vote.


I am now going to go an have a chopped salad, with hot, hot green peppers and two home-cooked, pork burgers.

German Evangelical Floating Bookstore ‘MV Logos Hope’ Visits Sri Lanka.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


 .by Anura Guruge

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I had an e-mail this morning from one of my (many) cousins in Sri Lanka that he had visited the ‘Book Ship’ “Logos Hope”, at the (famed) Colombo harbor, and had bought himself an Atlas. He asked me whether I was familiar with the ship. I was not. I knew of the various floating universities, and even remembered visiting one in that very same harbor, 50 years ago.

He, as is his wont, send me an URL to a local newspaper with a story about the ship.

Click to access ...

Click to access …

Being the cynical soul that I am, I needed more ‘G2’ especially given the name. So, as is my wont, I Googled it.

Wikipedia, had all that I needed to know:

click ...

click …

All was clear and I fully understood the motivation and name.

I find it amusing that the ‘Daily News‘, that used to be quite a newspaper when I was young (albeit that being 50 years ago), totally missed the point.

My cousin too had not noticed. Not that it matters.

Missionaries, of all flavors, have been visiting Sri Lanka, with mixed success for nearly 3,000 years. All the major religions in Sri Lanka are obviously imports, viz. Buddhism (˜70% I think), Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. We don’t have many from the Judaic persuasion as this true story (retold by me (and you really must read it)) exemplifies — though there is a movement afoot (supported by a couple of my cousins) to prove that the (last) Buddha was born in Sri Lanka (as opposed to India). Yep, pigs will fly. My ‘immediate’ family, though I now realize I was adopted (actually a mix up at the hospital à la ‘The Other Son, was a mix of Buddhists, Baptists and Catholics, with my surrogate father (as opposed to my adoptive father), a Baptist.

OK, I will confess. Efforts to evangelize Sri Lankans, into any religion, bothers me. As the newspaper article indicates we tend to me ‘trusting’ folks, easily swayed. It is like giving candy to kids. But … My cousin was happy. He paid about $5 (in Rupees) for an good world Atlas from the U.S. He got a deal.

The Floods Of ‘Biblical Proportions’ In Colorado Will Further Increase OUR NH Property Rates This Year And Next.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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HT_payton_peterson_co_flooding_lpl_130913_16x9_608Of course you have no choice but to feel very, very bad for them. I would hate to have to endure what these poor folks are going through. I, given my atypical thought process, think it is unfortunate that the news media, today, has started revelling in calling it a flood of ‘biblical proportions‘. I know that Colorado is a very religious state. So what is the implication here? That God got bored with the machinations in Syria and said lets have a flood of biblical proportions. I would prefer if they just blame it on global warming or better yet Chris Christie losing weight and thus tilting the axial balance of the world.

As I said in this post home insurance rates are going through the roof, though most don’t seem to have noticed or cared. Must be nice not to even a raise an eyebrow when premiums go up 10%(+) a year.

CAB70CAC161A0101_RegularIt s true that we have been having a lot of natural disasters of late affecting property. This flood is the latest.

So you can’t really blame the insurance companies.

I find it amusing that in all their very clever and cute TV commercials they NEVER really talk about home insurance rates. It is always their ‘cheap’ auto insurance rates. As my insurance agent (who drives a $90,000 Cadillac convertible) points out, insuring a $30,000 car does not carry as much risk for the insurance company as insuring a $300,000 house with contents. Makes sense.

So while I feel real bad for the poor folks in Colorado, I am already bracing myself to see another steep hike in my home insurance rate next year.

Just remember who gave you a heads up on this.

I Asked And Got A ‘Mezzaluna’, i.e., A Salad Chopper, For My Birthday — Thanks To Subway.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


 .by Anura Guruge

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subwaysaladOn my very low-carb diet, that I have been on since January 24, 2013, and have lost 22(+) pounds, I tend, by necessity, to eat a lot of salads, especially for dinner. It is not unusual for me to have salads (albeit always with a meat topping) five nights a week — if not more. The days I don’t have a salad I eat a spiced-to extreme [i.e., hot enough to make a Mexican blanche] curry, loaded with vegetables with a lot of turmeric, and cumin and caraway seeds (that according to the quack on CNN is supposed to be very good for you and there must be a grain of truth to it because Indians having been scoffing down these spices for millennia and are still around in large numbers).

I had never really given much thought to salad preparation. I am not really fussy about food. So the notion of finely chopped salads had never really crossed my mind.

Then I had that Applewood Pulled Pork chopped salad at Subway, in mid-August, on the way back from Storyland. It was a revelation. The chopping sure does spread the flavor around. I watched the young girl use a curved chopper in awe.

I wanted ONE. My birthday was coming up and Deanna always complains that she doesn’t know what to get me. So I checked Amazon.

Found this ‘Mezzaluna‘, when I typed in ‘salad chopper’. Put it, and the bowl, in my Wish List and send it to Deanna. Santa, Easter Bunny or the tooth fairy (and I am not really sure which one of these handles birthday presents) did the rest. I got the very ergonomic and pleasing on the hand Mezzaluna. I have used it about 4 times since — taking into account that we have been eating out quite a bit since my birthday. Love it. Really makes a difference.

I typically use sliced, very hot green pepper and one to two stems of scallions in my salads for ‘spice’. This Mezzaluna really grinds it all up. Then I add some salad dressing, mainly Ranch, and do a bit more rocking. That really does the trick.

Highly recommend it.