The Floods Of ‘Biblical Proportions’ In Colorado Will Further Increase OUR NH Property Rates This Year And Next.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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HT_payton_peterson_co_flooding_lpl_130913_16x9_608Of course you have no choice but to feel very, very bad for them. I would hate to have to endure what these poor folks are going through. I, given my atypical thought process, think it is unfortunate that the news media, today, has started revelling in calling it a flood of ‘biblical proportions‘. I know that Colorado is a very religious state. So what is the implication here? That God got bored with the machinations in Syria and said lets have a flood of biblical proportions. I would prefer if they just blame it on global warming or better yet Chris Christie losing weight and thus tilting the axial balance of the world.

As I said in this post home insurance rates are going through the roof, though most don’t seem to have noticed or cared. Must be nice not to even a raise an eyebrow when premiums go up 10%(+) a year.

CAB70CAC161A0101_RegularIt s true that we have been having a lot of natural disasters of late affecting property. This flood is the latest.

So you can’t really blame the insurance companies.

I find it amusing that in all their very clever and cute TV commercials they NEVER really talk about home insurance rates. It is always their ‘cheap’ auto insurance rates. As my insurance agent (who drives a $90,000 Cadillac convertible) points out, insuring a $30,000 car does not carry as much risk for the insurance company as insuring a $300,000 house with contents. Makes sense.

So while I feel real bad for the poor folks in Colorado, I am already bracing myself to see another steep hike in my home insurance rate next year.

Just remember who gave you a heads up on this.

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