The New Beagle Puppy: There Is (Always) Method To My Apparent Madness!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


..Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE. The Beagle that won the 2008 Westminster Kennel Club Best in Show. Bottom right is Tesichan, in 2007, sitting on her brother’s head. Above right is me with my old Shaw’s Pond neighbours from around 2000, if not earlier. Above left is Matthew at a Rocket Camp in 2001.

That I rushed off and got a Beagle puppy struck Deanna and the kids as rather strange. I am noted for being devoted to Goldens. Yes, we had talked about other types of dogs and smaller dogs but they didn’t think I would really get anything other than another Golden.

This morning, after my run, I was going down the bottom flight of stairs in this house (which has three flights of stairs) when a picture of a Beagle caught my eye! I was stunned. Even more so that I hadn’t noticed it earlier and that the kids hadn’t pointed it out.

In 2007 when we moved into this 4 story house we kind of made the ground floor the family floor and made the hallway into a kid-friendly area. Painted the walls a magnetic, chalkboard black so that they could draw on the wall and maybe even hang light magnetic stuff. I also put two huge cork boards up so that we can pin pictures of interest.

The largest of the two cork boards face you as you go down the stairs. It has an eclectic mix of pictures from Obama to to popes, along with family pictures and what the kids used to refer to as the ‘statue with its pee-pee showing’. The artwork was to give them an appreciation of what is great.

I now remember this Beagle winning Westminster 2008. We liked him. Doubt whether Braxton will be anything like that. But, obviously, in 2008 we thought enough of Beagles to give them pride of place on the cork board. Enough said. I wasn’t been totally irrational. We must have agreed that Beagles were an acceptable replacement for Goldens though I doubt whether I will ever be without a Golden.

Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE. There are two pictures of Ulysses up at the top. That is Matthew as ‘something’ from Star Wars in 2000. The girl hugging the tree is Danielle when she was 18.

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