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Boat Ride On Lake Winnipesaukee (NH), Alton – Wolfeboro, Glorious Fall Foliage Day, September 30, 2013.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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We are no strangers to Lake Winnipesaukee. When we lived waterfront on the lake we should to go out, by boat (or jet ski), quite a bit.

When I was a part of “Waiters on Water“, where we delivered take-out food to the Islands and moored boats on Lake Winnipesaukee, by boat or jet ski, I used to be on the water, every day during the Summer, sometimes multiple times a day.

Though I swim in the Big Lake (i.e., Winnipesaukee) without fail every year, off the Alton public dock, this was the first time we have been on the lake in a boat since we moved to Alton in 2007.

A local marina owner in Alton, an Alton famous fixture, invited us for a boat ride in his amazing, 1967 wooden Lyman. I used to be his customer 1993 – 1997. That was two decades ago.

Today, the day before the government shutdown, weatherwise on the Lake, was picture perfect: warm, sunny, calm as it gets and hardly any boat traffic. We actually didn’t see any boats in Alton Bay per se. That is pretty amazing. Not good, however. Boat traffic on this lake has plummeted noticeably over the last decade. These days I repeatedly hear that our mandatory ‘Boating Certificate‘ (I call it the boat license) is a factor. I can believe that. I don’t have one. 2007 was when I needed to get one. I wasn’t boating that year so I didn’t get it. Haven’t bothered since. Might get it, or TRY to get it, next year. Something I learned today: ONLY NH and Louisiana have such mandatory boating certification — and LA does not require that you sit a test! So the ‘Live Free, Or Die‘ state is the only one that requires boaters to pass a test. Seems wrong, especially in terms of the ‘Live Free’ — THOUGH I fully understand that this is to stop people killing others. Anyhow …

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