I Apply For Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA)/Obamacare Insurance By Phone, Through Call Center, Not ‘Healthcare.gov’.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Well according to this, and it took me 40 minutes and 8 attempts to logon to healtcare.gov, my current application is being reviewed.

I do NOT trust it.

Here is the kicker. I was told that I would get the approval or denial by mail!

Around 2:20 pm yesterday, Wednesday, October 2, 2013, when the fraudulent healthcare.gov system would NOT let me proceed because I had dependents that did NOT require health insurance, I in desparation first tried the ONLINE CHAT. That was a joke. Just automated messages that told me to try again in March 2014! I kid you NOT.

I then called the 1-800 number.

I was surprised. Somebody answered with a few minutes!

She was very pleasant, actually quite friendly, very professional and helpful.

She said that they knew of the dependent problem.

Then she said that I could apply online and that she could type it all in.

So we did that. It wasn’t too painful. Obviously she was using a system different to what we have at healtcare.gov. That alone is criminal. Bryan Sivak, the reprobate behind this billion dollar scam should be arrested. Republicans can be so dumb sometimes. They can shutdown Obamacare just by highlighting and focusing on this scam! Forget the funding. Highlight the scam. Close the system because of the fraud. But, that is too technical for them. Alas.

She had to put me on hold about 6 times to go and find out answers. But, it was OK. Much better service than I have had from U.S. Cellular or DirecTV.

When it was all done and filed she told me that that was the FIRST application she had processed!

I was floored. This was 2:30 pm on the 2nd DAY of bloody Obamacare.

She told me that she got a LOT of training. So she must have started the day before though I didn’t get a chance to ask her that.

So about 30.5 hours after it went live, I was the first application she had processed!


This is such a travesty. Such a scam.

For this Obama should be impeached. That he let this happen is criminal, pure and simple. But, Republicans don’t get it. That is why they lost the last election. Just don’t get it. I have tried to help. I am even telling them what to do … like calling for a Congressional Inquiry.

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