Flying Hovercrafts (From Hammacher Schlemmer) — A DEFINITE MUST For Lake Winnipesaukee.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

.. Anura Guruge

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Click to see H-S product page and place an order.

Click to see H-S product page and place an order.

This is SO Lake Winnipesaukee — the playground of the ultra-rich, President Mittens Romney, Wolfeboro, NH.

Of course, I would love one but my house is cheaper than this beaut. But, of course, there are plenty around who could buy one of these on their AmEx and not even notice it.

To see these puppies over Alton Bay would be something.

We could have flying hovercraft racing up and down the Bay. Might be as good as the 2013 Americas Cup — those boats just looked like they were flying. These puppies really fly.

I will try and see IF Steve Parker, of Parker Marine, will sign-up with Hammacher-Schlemmer to be a sub-distributor and get a few of these into his marina. For those who know that marina, you have to navigate under a bridge to get to the main lake per se. Not so with these. There is plenty of taxiway on ‘the river’ prior to the bridge. You can pickup speed and then FLY over the bridge. WOW.

These could rejuvenate this aging Lake. We really need new genres of toys for the rich. Some of my other suggestions for this Lake given that I know it well and know what people like …

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