New Hampshire (NH) School Kids Have Access to FREE Flu Vaccine Right Now. That Is So Great.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Our school, Alton Central School (ACS), is offering this FREE flu vaccine program and this morning Deanna was filling in the approval and acceptance forms. She wanted me to publicize this program — which I am now doing, though I am a bit worried about doing so! Why, because the ‘Local Control‘ fanatics may jump on this, as they have about the innocuous ‘Common Core‘, and try and stop it! I am actually amazed that NH has this very enlightened and beneficial program. I am surprised that they haven’t been forced to scrap it on fears that the kids were being injected with mind-drugs from D.C. or even microchips to monitor their activity (à la the infamous ‘Common Core biometric bracelet’).

I will be fair. We are but recent converts to flu vaccination. I didn’t see a need for it, until I nearly died (or to be more precise was nearly killed) two years ago. Have been getting it since, plus I am now a senior. Since Teischan has my constitution and is prone to colds, coughs, wheezes, asthma, bronchitis etc. etc. we decided to get her the shot too. And with the three of us getting the shot, Devanee, who just hates needles, wasn’t going to escape — if nothing else to hear her SCREAM when she gets pricked. She brings the whole place to a momentary halt — her screech so dramatic.

Yes, we know that you can get the flu for FREE at many clinics. Yes, we once got it for free at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Lebanon when we were there for another appointment for Deanna’s back. Yes, we also know that most health insurances cover it.

But, it is best if this can be done at school for FREE. So we are very happy though I have a sinking feeling that this will be the next program voted out by our dysfunctional, misguided School Board. If they do, may they be beset with the pox.

Growing up in Ceylon, in the late 1950s and early 1960s, we used to get free, compulsory vaccinations at school. One of them was for polio — the sugarcube vaccine. It was a BIG government sponsored propaganda programs. Ceylon’s school children being vaccinated to eradicate polio. We were all told to wear our ‘Sunday’ best. They took pictures of us lined up to get the sugarcubes. There was black-and-white news footage. My adoptive uncle, a doctor, then the Director of Medicine for Ceylon was the mastermind behind this anti-polio drive. Many decades later, having met folks in the U.S., my age, with polio, I found out that we were the ‘they are wogs, so they don’t count’ human guinea pigs for the sugarcube polio vaccine. I don’t mind — I guess because none of us got hurt. Actually we did good. As I said, I have seen more polio in this country than I ever did in Ceylon. So it is OK that my adoptive uncle, quite a man, still one of my heroes, volunteered us (including his own sons) for this testing. I never got to ask him. So, I am not sure whether he fully knew that we were the guinea pigs. It is possible that it was presented to him as one of the MANY foreign aid benefits that we used to get in those days — since we were a leading non-aligned nation (meaning we gladly took aid from all sides).

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