I Was NOT Smiling While Watching, Live, The House Vote On The Nearly-Clean, Continuing Resolution (CR) Bill …

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to see it in all its GLORY.

Click to see it in all its GLORY.

Click to read IF you didn't read it earlier.

Click to read IF you didn’t read it earlier.

Click to ENLARGE. Google News headlines at midnight this morning.

Click to ENLARGE. Google News headlines, annotated, at midnight this morning.


I was nearly wetting myself laughing!

blnancyYes, I watched it live. I knew the math and I can do mental arithmetic when I have to. Within 5 minutes of the vote opening, when I saw that we had 20 Republican votes (and I thank all 90 of the enlightened Republicans for finally doing the right and smart thing), I knew the deal was done. I knew that my patron saint, St. Nancy, would deliver AT LEAST 190. So the required 217 was in my sights.

I had to laugh. This was so, so predictable, which is why I had started smiling on October 1.

Yes, I will confess, I was worried Tuesday night when John Orange Skin‘ Boehner dropped the bloody ball BUT I had faith that the grownup Republicans wouldn’t let the country default.

This was so pointless. Yes, I am a political and news junkie. So I follow the nuances of all of this closer than most — plus, as Deanna will point out, I have the time to do so. This was an hiding to nothing.

Yes, I am furious with bloody Obama about the Obamacare fiasco and I will support him being impeached for that. Remember that I am the first person, as far as I know, that contacted a Senator demanding a Congressional Inquiry — and that was on October 2, 2013.

As long as we didn’t breach the debt ceiling that the market was going to be ‘A OK’ — and would recover anything that it had given up. So I opted to stay in (though it did test my resolve a couple of times).

We can now also forget any tapering till September 2014. Mark my word. Fixed income is on fire again.

To add icing to the cake, Cory Booker WON, as we all knew he would. As an ex-Republican I feel bad for the Republicans. I now realize that the U.S. will be under Democratic Presidents for the rest of my life. 2 more years of this one and I will admit that I am bummed with him for his corruption. Then 8 years under Hillary and just even saying that amazes me because I was anti-Clinton for so long. Then 8 years under Booker, who really will be an outstanding President (though I need clarifications as to his orientation). That is 18 years … right? That takes care of me. 

Smile … for NOW.

Next year is another year. Yes, we might all want to cash in on January 1, 2014 and wait out the next convulsion. But, I will keep you posted.

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