$410 To Have A Baby Tooth Extracted From A 7-Year Old. That Is Criminal Extortion.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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dentalxrayTeischan lost a filling on one of her baby teeth.

I took her to ‘our’ dentist yesterday morning. Well after they conned me in June I decided I was NOT going back to them. Deanna has already found a new dentist, highly recommended, in Laconia, for the kids — and Teischan has her first appointment with her on Oct. 30.

But, Teischan was in pain and we couldn’t wait. So Deanna called up and got an appointment with these dentists that we have been going to for over 7 years — though the original dentist, who was quite decent, sold the practice a few years ago.

Though the nurse that did the initial examination didn’t notice it, the dentist, as soon as she came in, said that the tooth was infected and needed to come out. But, they first had to take three, yes three, X-rays, at $90 a pop! That is crazy. The damn tooth is coming out and even I know that there is an adult tooth behind it.

$410 to extract the tooth. This is crazy.

This is why our healthcare system is in such turmoil and half the adults in NH walk around with bad or missing teeth.

P.S., Gargle with peroxide twice a day. Will do wonders to your teeth and gums. Much better than using the Emmi-Dent ultasonic toothbrush. I stopped using it. Gargle with peroxide. Appears to be as good, if not better.

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