Arresting Contemporary Ecumenical Icons From Mary Jane Miller, A Dear Friend Of Clearlakes Chorale’s Anne Grady.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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P1080515cropAnne Grady, a music teacher, and a clear-as-a-bell soprano, is Devanee’s inspiration and mentor at Clearlakes Chorale. So when Anne tells me anything I take immediate notice. This Thursday Anne told me about Mary Jane Miller, her friend for nearly five decades. She had just got back from visiting with her, in Florida. She asked me to have a look at the amazing body of work by Mary Jane. I was blown away. Wow, they are good.

The multi-religious ‘The Dialogue for World Peace’ is 31′ long. In my mind I measure all things longer than a yard in terms of boats I have owned. 31′ is longer than any boat I have owned. That is big. This is an amazing piece. I know the perfect place for it. The UNESCO HQ in Paris.

Have a look at her work. You really must. She also has a number of books on icons. Check it all out. Take your time. Her pricing is good, too.

Click  images to access featured Mary Jane Miller Website …



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