GoDaddy Commits The Cardinal Sin Of Screwing Existing Loyal Customers While Trying To Attract New Suckers.


Anura Guruge

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GoDaddy NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY pricing for Web hosting.

GoDaddy NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY pricing for Web hosting.

My historic WOWNH.COM Website that I have had since 1998. Check it out.

My historic WOWNH.COM Website that I have had since 1998. Check it out.

I have been a loyal and lucrative GoDaddy customers for at least 12 years. There were years, when I hosted large numbers of Websites for myself and others, that I paid over $1,500 a year (quite gladly) to GoDaddy.

Even now I am probably paying upwards of $500 a year to GoDaddy.

I have been an ARDENT FAN for a decade. I can’t even count the number of referrals I sent their way.

And ‘yes’ there have been times when GoDaddy has been amazingly good to me — like earlier this year during the papal transfer when my popes-and-papacy blog, hosted on GoDaddy, was getting 150 connection requests per second. Of course I have publicly thanked GoDaddy for their help.

But, something has happened at GoDaddy, to OUR DETRIMENT, over the last 6 months. Yes, I know that there has been change of management at the top. Well, he better get his act together SOON because I am cancelling my products at GoDaddy at quite a rate.

I still have five or six Websites hosted at GoDaddy and yes, every year, I have to renew them.

Yesterday I had to renew ‘‘., like, has now become basically a ‘placeholder’ site. I don’t do anything on them, mainly because I built them with FrontPage and I can’t be bothered to use FP anymore. Blogging is easier and less time consuming. But, I want to preserve my Web presence since I have had these sites, uninterrupted, for over 12 years.

GoDaddy wants $9/month — $108/year — for hosting these Websites. That is crazy. They offer the EXACT SAME hosting package as I am renewing for half the price to new customers. But, I can’t renew at that price.

Their solution: I can cancel my current hosting, buy a new plan and then re-install the Website.


That is EXACTLY what I am going to do … but not with YOU. Thank YOU.

This will give me the excuse to get away from FP and move to a template-based, in-the-cloud solution.

I have already spent 2 hours (that I really don’t have) looking at, with amazement, at Weebly, Wix & Yola.

I already have an account at Weebly.

I didn’t have the time to port across yesterday. So I renewed it for a year — PLUS they owed me $21 that I could apply to the $108. But, that will be the LAST HOSTING that I am going to be paying GoDaddy. is due for renewal on November 28, 2013. This is the PERFECT Website for me to mess around with learning a new template-based system. It is not ‘mission-critical’ and it is very simple and ‘flat’. So, that is the plan.

Once I master the new system I will recreate all the other sites on that platform — though I get a feeling that I may opt to use both Yola and Wix.

Stay tuned.

I was so mad yesterday that I immediately cancelled my GoDaddy Online File Folder though it was not due for renewal till the end of January 2014! I didn’t even bother to export the 100MB of data I had stored there! Screw it. I have other backups. I LOVE and I do mean LOVE Google Drive. It is so easy and convenient to use through Chrome. No need to logon. It is always there.

This is so sad. I would have stayed with GoDaddy. I like to be a loyal, long-term customer UNLESS I feel that I am being raped.

I hope the new GoDaddy management sees the light sometime soon BEFORE it is too late.

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