Hydrogen Peroxide Regime Appears To Work Better For ME Than The Emmi-Dent Ultrasonic Toothbrush.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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peroxidemagicOn average, per the cursory stats provided to me by WordPress, I get about 3 hits a day on people searching on ‘Emmi-Dent‘. So I want to make sure that I do not mislead anyone.

Yes, we have an Emmi-Dent Ultrasonic Toothbrush — that I purchased, after considerable research, around March of this year. Deanna and I both used it diligently, at least twice a day, at least for the prescribed 2-minutes a go, till about September. By then I was not convinced. I had started a harsh hydrogen peroxide routine as well as brushing with a normal brush prior to using the Emmi-Dent. That was crazy. So, morning and night I was brushing my teeth twice — once with a normal brush and then with the Emmi-Dent. Regular readers here know my absolute obsession with TIME. That was an additional 4 minutes a day of extra brushing. I could NOT afford that time! 4-minutes is a LOT of time for me. I could do a post in 4-minutes. I was not going to SQUANDER 4-minutes a day of my life.

Do YOU know that 4-minutes a day adds UP TO a FULL DAY, i.e., 24 hours, in one year!

That is why you have to be so, so parsimonious in how you use your time.

So, screw the Emmi-Dent. It was not doing anything for MY stains. The Peroxide seems to be doing a better job.

Plus I am really scrubbing my teeth with cheap, i.e., 2 for a $1, toothbrushes — from the Dollar Store. I toss them out after about a week. I have broken the heads off 3 in my mouth! When I say I brush hard — I mean HARD.

Please don’t worry about me. As I have said, I have teeth like a horse. My gums are in pretty good shape too. I have, most of my life, brushed my teeth vigorously. Maybe that is what it is. My gums do not appear to mind getting scrubbed. They never bleed. So, I am all set.

Deanna still uses the Emmi-Dent religiously. But, we have different oral needs. She doesn’t get the staining I get — for one, she doesn’t touch red wine, my tipple of necessity.

So, we still have the Emmi-Dent in the bathroom. I just don’t use it.

So that is the full story.

My opinion on the Emmi-Dent. I am no longer convinced. But, that could just be me.

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