‘Remembrance Day’ — Poppy Day — In Sri Lanka (nee Ceylon), Some Pictures.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Of course I knew we celebrated Poppy Day in Ceylon, now Sri Lanka. Despite the crazy talk from some of late about Sri Lanka’s place in the British Commonwealth etc. we can’t deny our 200 years of being a British dominion. So, of course we are part of the Poppy Day tradition — and, though I am not sure of the numbers, I know that Ceylon did provide some men to fight in WW I and WW II. Plus Lord Mountbatten had his WW II HQ in Ceylon for awhile. That is why we got bombed by the Japs. [You really should check that link for very rare footage from the Japanese themselves.]

To be honest I couldn’t remember Poppy Day in Ceylon — but remember I left before I was 14 and that was in 1967. My once semi-photographic memory now has many gaps. There are events and places in Ceylon that I still have total recall of down to the last details. But, today, when I went looking for pictures and saw an image of kids, dressed in white, carrying collection tins for Poppy Day — it came back. I HAD DONE THAT. My adoptive mother, a social butterfly, involved with umpteen charity events, had us going around collecting for many things — but I now remember the Poppies.

Here are some pictures, I found today, on the Web, of Poppy Day in Ceylon — Sri Lanka.

Just a snapshot. There must be more. I will e-mail one of my cousins, not the most reliable of folks, and try and see if I can find out what is happening in 2013.

CLICK each picture to access the original material …







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