Alton Central STILL Looking For Parents To Coach ‘Destination Imagination’!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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I already said my piece about this two weeks ago.

We are now going into the 2nd week of November. Soon it will be Thanksgiving.

It is TOO LATE to realistically start a DI team. It is not fair on the kids!

DI is a lot of work. Hours expended matters and counts.

When you go to the first regional meet it is NOT FAIR on the kids if they are competing against kids who have had a month or more of lead time.

I watch the kids’ eyes as they look at their peers from other schools competing. You can read their emotions. When they see performances vastly superior to their own, PARTLY because they spent much, much, much more time, you can see the awe and disappointment in their eyes. They would have liked to have done something like that too — but they never had the time.

That is why I am OPPOSED to having teams that start late. DI is for the kids. Don’t burden them with disadvantages even before they start.

Then there is my other pet peeve. Why can’t this principal order some of her teachers to be the DI coaches? I am a great believer that each DI team should be coached by a school teacher assisted by a parent.

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