The Number Of Unaffiliated Parents On Alton Central Strategic Plan Committee — Just ONE (1)?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Yes, the school will immediately claim that there are ‘x’ other parents on the Committee — but as far as we can tell they are ALL on the ACS payroll, as teachers or support staff.

While their status as parents is very true, being affiliated with ACS does make a difference as to how objective and OPEN one can be.

So …

Depending on how you count, and whether or not you count the facilitator and admin staff (that come and go), the numbers, as far as I have been told, comes somewhere between 22 and 19

What is key is just ONE (1) unaffiliated parent!

That the meetings were scheduled, back-to-back, Thursday & Friday, to run from 8 to 4 is a sure way to eliminate a ton of parents from attending.

So, PAID ACS staff, make up the numbers — and they hire substitutes, as necessary, to fill the gaps!

If you think this is right and proper MORE power to you.

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