I Create A New Website For Teischan, Using Yola, In A Couple Of Hours …

Anura Guruge

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Click to access.

Click to access.

Remember 24-days ago I said I had it with GoDaddy screwing LOYAL existing customers like me?

In that post I also said I was going to look at template-based, cloud-publishing solutions so I can finally, after 12 years, get away from Microsoft FrontPage.

Having looked at Weebly, Wix and Yola I finally settled on Yola because their price was right (though you do get what you pay for).

For $4.17/month I can get 5 Websites — each with its own domain name (given that I already own these domains).

So for LESS THAN HALF what I pay a month to host ONE (1) Website I can publish and host FIVE (5). I am bit slow on the uptick but it only took me a few days to work out that it was a decent deal.

I spent a few minutes here and there, in my 3rd 11 pm to 1 am shift, looking through their tutorials.

Today at 2 pm I paid my monies (though I could have started with a free account) and started to build the above Website.

A few surprises. What I got was their most basic PAID service, bronze. So they kept on trying to get me to upgrade to Silver. That was annoying. Though they claim 24/7 Premium phone support — that appears to be pie in the sky! When you call it says ‘No Phone Support’! Nice.

I had to visit GoDaddy and edit DNS records — not something I enjoy doing since if you screw up you are in big trouble. Then you have to wait for the DNS records to be propagated.

But, by 4 pm I have a PUBLISHED, 3 page Website. It was quick and dirty. But, it was for a 7 year old. I just wanted it up since I first created this Website the NIGHT she was born. So she has had her own, working Website with pictures from the day she was born. I didn’t want to break that and I didn’t. Yes, I deleted the GoDaddy hosting BEFORE I updated the DNS record. I do know my way around. I have been creating Websites and teaching classes on Website design since 2002.

So, Yola?

It is OK. It is the lack of phone support that bugs me — after they claim all over the place that they do.

It is possible that they are in trouble.

Now that I have 4 other Websites available, in this package, I will dash a couple more off over the next few weeks.

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