I Resisted Buying “FKU” But The “Eros” IPO Was Too Great A Temptation.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.Eros_Farnese_MAN_Napoli_6353

Anura Guruge

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Though, thankfully, I differ from Oscar when it comes to very important things, like him, I too can resist everything but temptation (though I am getting better).

So when Fidelity told me that I can bid on the Eros IPO — I couldn’t resist. I had money burning a hole in my account since, of course, I didn’t get any Twitter IPO shares. I knew, given my near destitution, that this would be the case. 

BUT, of course, I got the Eros stock because there appeared to be NO demand for them. Shares are already down — which is what always happens with IPO stock that I get! Thanks, Fidelity.

The premise is good. Bollywood. If this household is anything to go by the demand for Bollywood has to grow in time — though it might not in my lifetime. That Deanna and the two kids love Bollywood movies and music cracks me up. With my SkyBox TV we can get unlimited Bollywood media though of late the box is used only for TEN Cricket.

Click to check out Eros International and their movies.

Click to check out Eros International and their movies.

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