I Create A 2nd Yola Website, This Time For ‘A Pup Is NOT A Toy’, In About 20 Minutes.

Anura Guruge

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>> Nov. 13, 2013.
++++ Search on ‘GoDaddy’
—>>> (side bar)

I had cancelled the ‘A Pup Is NOT A Toy‘ hosting with GoDaddy, in a huff, a few months ago — given that I wasn’t in the mood to pay $108 for a Website that was basically inactive. Of course, I still held the domain name — just no hosting.

Now that I signed up with Yola, today, my basic $5/month service gives me FIVE (5) Websites with Yola. That was why I went with them. Main priority was Teischan’s Website. GoDaddy hosting was coming up for renewal on the 24th of this month and I wanted her Website up and running, without interruption, before that. She has had an active Website EVERY DAY of her life. How many folks can claim that?

Did that this afternoon. While messing with her DNS records I also updated the ‘Pup’ DNS records as well. Tonight, actually this morning, around mid-night I wanted a break. Writing about Pope John XXIII and Tsar Boris III. Heavy and heady stuff. So thought I would take a diversion and dash off a quick-and-dirty, singe-page Website to see how a 2nd directed (i.e., DNS at GoDaddy) site Yola will work. Worked quite well. I was pretty damn impressed and chuffed. 20 minutes is par for the course for a Website like that. As I said before they could do with my expertise on Healthcare.gov.

So, overall, kind of ‘pleased’ with Yola. They don’t give me a warm-and-fuzzy yet. Their support is VERY iffy. Shame that. Well, I still have 3 Website left with Yola. I might down the road upgrade to SILVER. 25 Websites for $9/month! 

Click to access.

Click to access.

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