Will Bush Try To Be Pontifical And Say ‘Perfidious’ Tonight Or Will He Basically Stick With Benedict XVI’s 2008 Revision?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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In case YOU are too YOUNG to remember ‘perfidious’ here is a good explanation …


The history of the ‘Good Friday Prayer for Jews’ from Wikipedia. Quite good. Read if you are not familiar with this ol’ religious chestnut. Click …

As I pointed out earlier today, this organization ‘The Bush‘ is schooming with tonight is not doing anything that popes haven’t been trying to do for 1,900 years.

If ‘The Bush’ is actually going to touch this thorny, obviously emotive (and controversial) issue, he will be well served IF he sticks, strictly, to the Benedict XVI (#266) 2008 version of the  ‘Good Friday Prayer for Jews‘  — as shown directly above. Though even that is not universally liked it is considerably more flaccid than the original Tridentine version used for centuries. It was Good Pope John XXIII (#262) that had it removed in 1959. Then by mistake it was said during the Mass of 1963. The pope stopped the priest who was reciting the prayer, in mid-stream, in front of thousands, at St. Peter’s, and told him to redo it without THAT word.

So, what will ‘The Bush’ do? I hope he follows John XXIII’s words …

Though I was familiar with all of this for a number of years, I am revelling in it all over again since I am 44% through a new book on the deeds of John XXIII — my 10th book this year.

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