Yes, It Is True: Cisco Linksys RE1000 Wireless-N Range Extender Works BUT Drops Wi-Fi Connection On A Regular Basis.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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I took a sledgehammer to the RE1000!

RE2000 is as bad as RE1000!

DlinkextenderThe Cisco Linksys RE1000 Wireless-N Range Extender I bought, refurbished from Amazon in mid-August for $39, sure does work and works well when it is working.

But, I had noticed, by detecting a drop in signal level at the basement that it drops the Wi-Fi connection — maybe once a week.

To re-establish the connection you just have to recycle power; i.e., unplug RE1000 from wall socket, count to ‘Mississippi 10’ and then plug it back in. The ‘blue-light‘ on the unit will flash for a few seconds and then stay on — solid. You, again, have Wi-Fi connection. Easy enough, though annoying.

Happened again yesterday. I recycled it and was ‘OK’. But, this time I decided to check the Web.

Hello, hello, hello. I am, not by a long chalk, the only one who has noticed this problem. LOTS of reports on the Web of the same problem.

I then looked at the ‘new’ RE1000 replacement, the RE2000. That appears to be no better. I was basically warned off from getting it.

I looked around. I will NOT replace the RE1000. I already have it. I decided to AUGMENT.

So, I am getting a 2nd Wi-Fi range-extender. Then I can have one on the 1st floor and another in the basement. The damn things, in the scheme of things, are cheap enough.

This time I went with D-Link. I like D-Link. I trust D-Link. I started using D-Link for my Wi-Fi in 2001. I had D-Link technology until September 2012 when my latest and last D-Link Wi-Fi router blew-up. I went with Cisco Linksys because the TDS technician recommended it — as the TDS favorite.

Funnily enough I don’t use a Wi-Fi router, myself, since then! I have my own dedicated fiber! So no router. The Wi-Fi router is for the rest of the family.

I got a D-Link DAP-1320 N 300Mbps Wi-Fi Range Extender. Gets better reviews than the RE1000. I got one for $27.04 with FREE shipping. Christmas is coming and I am getting a jump start on ordering all of the Lego sets we need for the kids! So no problem these days getting a more than $35 order put together. One Lego set covers that.

Lets wait and see. For $27.04 I will happily avoid the aggravation. So ideally the D-Link will boost the signal and let the RE1000 get a piggy-back.

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