My ‘Poppy Puppy’ And The First Two Pins For My Remembrance Day, Poppy Day Collection.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

.by Anura Guruge

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Please check dedicated ‘Red Poppy’ PAGE
above (↑↑) with tons of pictures and history.

As I stated in this post, I was getting a ‘Poppy Puppy‘ irrespective of whether people thought it was ‘politically correct’ or not.

Just check them out and go ‘aaaaahhhh‘. 

Click on the pictures to ENLARGE.


I decided to also get a few pins a year to hopefully start a collection.

I got the 2nd one because I knew that it HAD to be saved and preserved. I got the first one because I just loved it. I will wear that, the ‘Union Jack Poppy‘, next year.

So here is the strange thing. I do NOT think the ‘National Award’ pin should be sold on eBay. But here is the irony and kicker. After I bought the ‘Union Jack’ pin and payed for it, via PayPal, I get an e-mail from eBay saying that they DELISTED that pin because it was ‘inappropriate’! Ah! Then it gets even stranger. They said that IF I HAD PAID for it … then I should wait for it to be delivered. IF I hadn’t paid for it, they suggested that I didn’t! It was all very messed up. Didn’t say that I had to return it. I think I know what the fuss is all about. Has to do with some concentration camp items listed on eBay from Europe. They had to, quite rightly, yank those off. The ‘Union Jack’ pin was from the U.K. So, I think eBay is now confused about all ‘war’ memorabilia from Europe. That is crazy. 


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