Latest On Comet ISON (Dec. 2): Survived Perihelion On Nov. 28, Severely Compromised — BUT Has Now Disintegrated Further.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.ISONPrintCover150206
Anura Guruge

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Click for full-size NASA image.

Click for full-size NASA image.

Comet ISON will NOT be naked eye visible!

It is basically toast now — or at least but a cloud of debris and dust.

A portion of the nucleus survived perihelion.

That is beyond debate or doubt.

The NASA images show that clearly.

But the Sun’s radiation and the torque on the fragile,
brittle, icy body

as it rounded the Sun, 700,000 miles above its surface,
travelling at 60 miles per second,
was too much.

Lots of it got broken off and sublimated — i.e., zapped, ‘evaporated’ from solid to gas.

The remnant that survived was obviously not stable.

It was most likely fractured.

None of this is NEW.

We have seen all of this before with other comets.

I talked about all of these scenarios in my Comet ISON books.

But, ISON is now basically dust.

We might get a spectacular meteor shower from it in January 2014 (and in years to come).

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