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Healthcare.gov STILL NOT WORKING! I Tried Again Today. Called Call Center. They Confirmed That Website Still Buggy.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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They are lying.

Website still not working.

Call center rep. said he was amazed by what he is hearing on TV.
He still has problems with his own system.

He couldn’t help me today!

So I have been trying since October 2.

I can’t login.

This is beyond crazy.

Another Musical Christmas Present To YOU. ‘Gaudete’, The Sacred Christmas Carol, By Maddy Prior With Steeleye Span.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Please click to access YouTube video ... you will be so glad you did.

Please click to access YouTube video … you will be so glad you did.

If you are NOT familiar with ‘Gaudete’, I feel bad for you.
But at least we have rectified that.

Click above for a Wikipedia take on this very old Christmas hymn.

I learnt of ‘Gaudete’ by hearing Steeleye Span, with Maddy Prior,
singing it … in the early 1970.

I would have to say that ‘Steeleye Span’ is still my all time favorite group — ever.

I used to be a ‘Steeleye Span’ (& ‘Lindisfarne’) groupie —
in that I would try and attend as many concerts, a year, that I could. 

When I could I would follow them from town to town
— seeing two or three concerts a week. 

That I was a customer support manager, expected to travel around the U.K., as much as I could,
and money was never an issue (in those halcyon days),
made being a ‘groupie’ a breeze.

I think Maddy Prior is divine.

Sit back. Turn up the volume and ENJOY.

‘Capital City Pawnbrokers’, Laconia — In The Old MacDurgin Building On Union Ave. Lot Of Interesting Stuff. Good Prices.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.
Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE.

Of course I have been meaning to go in and check them out ever since they opened — a few years ago. But, we never seemed to have the time. Whenever we were in Laconia we were on ‘a mission’.

This morning, for a change, after I had done my presentation at the Taylor Community, just up the road, I was not in any mad hurry. But, Deanna wasn’t with me. Nonetheless, I stoped.

I am glad I did.

An Aladdin’s Cave of interesting, well priced stuff.

I was impressed.

Got to meet the owner David Byer.

[[ What a name, ‘Byer’, for a pawn shop proprietor! I only checked the business card, and saw the name, when I got home. Next time I will have to kid him about it and find out whether it is truly real or a ‘stage name’ for Laconia. But, I notice his daughter uses that too — so it might be real.]]

David Byer: very nice guy. Good, shrewd businessman. Knows what he is doing. But, at the same time he wants to do right by his customers.

I was impressed.

I bought a few things.

A bull in a china store has nothing on me in a pawn or consignment store.

I am the impulse buyer’s impulse buyer. I just buy stuff that catches my eye — the more esoteric the better.

Definite Recommendation.

If you are within 66 miles of Laconia, N.H., make a point of checking out this store.

You will not be disappointed.

I sang the praises of the ‘Laconia Antique Center’ just over a year ago.

Obviously different paradigms, BUT you will LIKE Dave’s prices much better — not that the ‘Antique Center’ prices are that bad.

Kind of funny to go back into that building. What used to be my office area is now curtained off — and I could see a few motorbikes in there!

What used to be the PALATIAL Executive Suites, up the steps,
and I was only allowed to go up there by appointment (typically with 72 hours notice), is now a showroom!
All the glass is gone.
Cracked me up.

They do have a Facebook page.


I didn’t bother with the ‘Smoke Shop’.

Not my thing. I understand why they would have it in there. It probably makes more money than the rest of the store.

To me, that was the only downer … but then again 99.99% of Laconians wouldn’t have a problem with it (which is why I don’t live in Laconia).

Taylor Community, Laconia: I Did My 2nd Presentation In A Month This Morning — Delightful Mens Breakfast Meeting.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.
Anura Guruge

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The very impressive, well appointed 'Woodside Building' at the Taylor Community in Laconia. Both my presentations were in this building. Very salubrious.

The very impressive, well appointed ‘Woodside Building’ at the Taylor Community in Laconia. Both my presentations were in this building. Very salubrious.

They must have liked my November 4, 2013 presentation on ‘Comet ISON’.

They asked me back. This time to address a monthly Men’s Breakfast Meeting.

This time I spoke about comets in general, using ISON as an example — now that dear ISON is toast.

It was fun. They seemed to like it. Very interactive. Lost of question. Breakfast was better than in most motels!

I had to be there at 8 am! That was a stretch.

When I used to do presentation for pay, I refused to talk before 9:30 am.

I used to say that it was indecent to talk about ‘IBM Networking’ before 9:30 am.

IF they insisted, and it was for a breakfast ‘whatever’, I charged an arm-and-a-leg more.

I am going back again next year.

27 Days Till Hogmanay. ‘Auld Lang Syne’ In French, Very Soothing And Non-Raucous.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to access YouTube video. Audio is a bit rough. Sorry,

Click to access YouTube video. Audio is a bit rough. Sorry,

The French, like the Scots, celebrate the New Year and New Year’s Eve with gusto — with lots of champagne and kissing.

Before I started going up to Glasgow for Hogmanay — since they, at that time, had an acute shortage of the ‘dark men‘ very necessary for the merriment, I used to spend quite a few New Years in Paris.

The folks who had adopted me lived in central Paris for 17 years. So I always had free accommodation — quite luxuries at that. So that worked out.

So I have spent a few New Year’s Eves on the Champs-Élysées — which in those was well within my jogging range.

But we used to take the car. It had diplomatic plates which helped.

A New Year I remember well is me playing traffic cop on the Champs-Élysées.

Once the revelries had died down and folks started to go home, the Champs-Élysées was 6 lanes of hardly moving, bumper-to-bumper cars. We had parked on a access road that ran parallel. But, there was no way we could cut in. So I jumped out strode into the middle of the traffic and started stopping cars. It worked. I had fun. I even stayed on and directed traffic after our car pulled in. I knew I could catch up with it in that traffic. I was very fit in those days — given that I used to run 7 miles, six days a week.

Don’t Think Pope Francis Is A Marxist, But He Sure Is Very Cheap For Somebody Who Commands Billions In Tangible Assets.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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I like this pope. Plus, unlike ANYBODY else, I cited him, in print, in my 2011The Next Pope 2011, as one of the Top 10 papabili

So, don’t even try and get on your high horse and start accusing me of having a go at the pope etc. Not so. As one of the most prolific papal historians around, all that I am doing is pointing out some hard facts the way they are.


As somebody who is a great believer in charity, I am beyond delighted by this pope’s commitment towards the poor and downtrodden. I can’t be happier.

I am overjoyed that he is trying to eschew the extravagant, lavish, ‘dripping gold’ lifestyle adopted by some popes — especially the last one who was an unashamed dandy.

But, as I pointed out in this 100-day report there is a difference between being a pope for the poor and a ‘poor pope’. This pope is not poor. A modern pope, by definition, is not poor.

A pope has absolute, unfettered, unilateral, uncontested control over billions of liquid and tangible assets.

Compared to a pope, a U.S. President is a powerless, pauper.

The pope has no Congress, judicial branch, re-elections or mid-terms to contend with.

He is not answerable to anyone on Earth!

Then I have also made my point about how charity HAS to begin at the Vatican.

So let us just look at a very public recent example.

The devastating typhoon that crippled the Philippines.

The Philippines is overwhelmingly a Roman Catholic country.

From Wikipedia. Click to access.

From Wikipedia. Click to access.

So now let us look at some of the foreign aid provided to the Philippines post typhoon:

Click to access original.

Click to access original.

So how much do you think the Pope agreed to give?

Same paper. Click to access.

Same paper. Click to access.

 This is what drives me NUTS about this
Jesuit Pope.

$150,000 in aid … to the Philippines … which considers itself the most Catholic of countries?

This pope is cheap!


Here is a Philippine’s Government Website
that is tracking the foreign aid.

Check the Vatican. Same number.

As I have said so many times till I am brown in the face, this pope can raise a billion dollars in a day by selling 400 random items from around the Vatican.

He claims he is not materialistic.

OK. Show me the proof.

Sell some of the unused, unseen, stacked away in basements, Vatican treasures.

That is all.