Did The Alton Central School (ACS) Board, That Voted Down ‘Common Core’, Really Give Permission For This Week’s “Code Day”?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.201304261366955021493465584

Anura Guruge

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Will the miracles never cease in Alton?

The highly astute ACS School Board that voted downCommon Core‘, whatever that vote meant, has obviously given the go ahead for ACS to participate in the Obama-sanctioned, Bill Gates endorsed, Microsoft sponsored ‘Code Day’!


What about Local Control?

The kids will be using applications in the cloud. Heaven forbid? Has anybody checked the standards for these APPS? Are they safe for Alton kids?

Are we sure that these potentially nefarious APPS are NOT biometrically, via Webcams, sucking up all sorts of information about the kids?

Are we sure we have the right IT infrastructure at ACS to participate in such a global initiative?

Has anybody checked the STANDARDS for JavaScript? I am sure it was not developed in Alton.

This is scary. I am sure the promise of free food had all to do with this.

I am confused. Common Core is NOT ‘OK’ for ACS but ‘Code Day’ is. OK.

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