Alton, N.H. Property Taxes Due Today, December 17, 2013 — IF You Bother To Pay Property Taxes.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Alton, N.H. in 2013 – 2014
is again 23rd lowest …


I already paid mine.

As I have mentioned before, to my utter bewilderment,
Alton’s in its infinite wisdom and unbelievable largess
does NOT maintain a Tax Delinquent list!

That would also mean they don’t go after those that don’t pay taxes.


I just guess I was brought up wrong.

I kind of have a very true and trusty moral compass
when it comes to what is right and what is wrong,
what one’s civic duties should be
and the importance of maintaining your credibility.

James Michener in his autobiography says something along the lines
“I always considered it a PRIVILEGE to have to PAY taxes …”
and the profoundness of that statement is worth pondering
because that is what I have also always felt about paying taxes.

If I was homeless (as I have been) and had no income
I too would not have to pay any taxes.

Whether you like it or not, whether you stand on your head or not,
you, even in this country, this state and this town,
only have to pay taxes on what you own
and what you make
(after the due exemption).

So I don’t begrudge my taxes
because it means that I still have SOMETHING
to pay taxes on.

I gather, and I could be wrong,
that some of the Alton Central School (ACS)
Board Members don’t pay Alton taxes
— and , of course, there is no requirement for them to do so.
There job is to tell those that pay that they should pay more.
Bully for them.
But they never appear to have had a moral compass.

Happy Tax Day
IF this applies to YOU.

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