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Alton Central School (ACS), N. H., Carbon Monoxide ‘Alarm’ On December 18, 2013. Just Snow Blocking Furnace Vents?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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And latest.
And funny that it mentions the vents.

I just talked to an expert.

So, lets think about this.

The most likely, even only possible, source for the supposed Carbon Monoxide has to be the school heating furnaces. I gather there are two.

Of course they would have been working overtime these last couple of days.

We have also had a TON of snow.

Did anybody check if the furnace vents have been blocked by the snow? That alone would indicate a sudden elevation in CO levels.

Did an alarm go off today? What prompted the fire department to come to the school to check.

Why weren’t the kids released EARLIER if elevated levels of CO were detected?

I know that some mothers are asking that.

Good question. Why wait to tell the parents of the CO levels after the kids are released. When were the levels detected?

Without mixing metaphors the school is playing with FIRE. I hope they know what they are doing.

The timing just seems incongruous. Is it just a matter of shoveling the snow around the vents?

I am sure others will be asking questions. I sure hope so.

ALERT: Alton Central School (ACS), N. H. Closed On Thursday, Dec. 19, 2013, Due To Dangerous Levels Of Carbon Monoxide.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Also refer to this follow on post.
Could just be a vent blocked by snow!

And latest!

The phones have been going crazy.

ACS will be closed Thursday, December 19, 2013
because they suddenly discovered ‘dangerous’ levels of Carbon Monoxide.

The school, I just heard from the kids, was checked, today,
by the Fire Department.

So what does THIS mean?

Early Christmas — and I am ALL in favor of that.

It has been crazy and it would be nice to have the kids home for an additional few days.


I just checked the May Air Quality report. There were some spikes but everything was OK.

I am a professional cynic. The timing of this bothers me.

So are we again in for a January to March battle over ACS renovation — this time with CO to the fore?

Yes, Yes, Yes … Fed Taper Plays Out Just Like I Had Hoped In My Dreams.

Tapered candles shedding light to the world.

Tapered candles shedding light to the world.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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The MARKET is very important to me. I live off the market; not very well but I muddle and struggle through. So, I spend a LOT of time following, tracking and analyzing the market.

Just as I didn’t stop smiling during the October 2013 Government Shutdown, for which I still thank the Republicans with all my heart, I haven’t stopped smiling all day today.

I wanted the Fed to START tapering. This ‘to taper or not to taper’ was killing the market. Lets get it done. It was baked in anyway per my estimates — and I was right.

I sat down, actually lay down, at 1:57 to watch the Fed announcement.

To ME it was the Goldilocks scenario. Not too much, not too little and plenty of dovish cooing that interest rates will be near 0% for the remainder of MY lifetime.

Perfect. Thank YOU, Ben. You are THE MAN. I will miss you. You are not good enough to wipe clean Paul Volcker’s shoes but you did good.

I watched the Dow go down to begin with KNOWING that that would not last.

Reason and common sense prevailed. Perfect.

Now you would THINK that I, a person who lives off the market, would want higher rates. Not really. I have, after a lot of blood, sweat and tears, have worked out a decent income producing portfolio through a synergistic mix of junk bonds (read BJBHX) and ETFs. I made 6% on my fixed income while maintaining my initial principle more or less intact (the more or less having to do with the hit it takes, once a month, when the dividends are paid out). Last week, on e-mail, I was talking to a fixed income PROFESSIONAL who charges people for managing their fixed income. She agreed that she can’t even come close to 6% — without eating into capital. All the hours I spend doing research and massaging data using Excel does pay off.

I do, at some point, want to share some of my investment finds with you all. I have already told you, multiple times, about BJBHX.

I have a gem of a stock market mutual fund in my stock portfolio. I found it 4 years ago after years of research. I sometimes feel guilty about it. It is an obscure, $75 per transaction up front, fund. I only found it because I can expend tons of computer resources into crunching data. This mutual is good. Very good. But, I am afraid to publicize it because it might take a hit if it gets too big.

Thank YOU, Fed. Thank YOU, Ben. Thank you for what you have done. Now please go away and let Janet come in and take us to new heights.

Banana Fungus? How Gross? Banana SHORTAGE? What Am I Going To Do … This Could Be The Straw …

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge


I check ‘Market Watch’ around 1 a.m every night, kind of the last thing I do, before going to bed to see what I can expect from the markets in the morn. Saw this at 1 a.m. this morning and thought I was hallucinating. How could this be. So, I had to do a Google to make sure. Click to access ‘Market Watch’ original …


Google it. Plenty of other articles. This is from ‘Huff Post’. Click to access.

This is VERY SERIOUS for me.

A daily banana is a part of my diet — through which I have now lost 30 pounds in 11 months.

Actually as part of my ‘stomach healthy‘ routine I have been eating bananas (near daily), eating yogurt daily and taking Metamucil without fail (as if my life depended on it) for over a decade.

Bananas, both the yellow and green kinds, grow wild in Ceylon (Sri Lanka). I didn’t eat bananas when I lived in Ceylon. I didn’t eat ANY vegetables and fruits during those first 14 years (bar one week) of my life in Ceylon. I lived on rice, eggs, meat, Seer fish (and just Seer fish), hoppers, lentils, curried potatoes (sometimes), cakes, puddings, sweets, short-eats and chocolates. We didn’t have apples and grapes. I would eat apples and grapes when we could occasionally get some from a passing steamer. No vegetables. No other fruit. As far as my adoptive grandmother was concerned, and she is who brought me up, I was on a good healthy diet. 

This is why doctors laugh out loud when they see me and even more so when they see my blood reports. Hey, it was good life.

I used to like to chop down banana trees. Trust me it is very satisfying to whack one down, with one blow, of a sharp blade. But, they would GROW BACK — within days. So it wasn’t that destructive … and I think you had to chop them down after they had produced fruit. They grew wild all around the house.

But … now …

IF there is a banana shortage in the U.S. it might become the last straw …

I might have to go back to Ceylon just so I can have my daily banana. Sod the daily bread. Haven’t touched even a 1/4 slice of bread in 11 months.

“Give us this day our daily banana …”

Alton Central School (ACS), N. H. To Try ‘Courage To Care’ Program, Developed By UNH, In An Effort To Curb Entrenched, Insidious Bullying.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Bullying at Alton Central School (ACS) Raises Its Vicious,
Ugly Head Again
 — Dec. 6, 2013.


The Alton Central School (ACS) Facebook notification that Deanna picked up yesterday.


The YouTube video. Click to access …


Alton Central’s Mikel Lachapelle … start at 0:28 seconds into the YouTube video. Click to access.

Listen carefully to what the Assistant Principal has to say and I tip my hat to him for saying what he did.

Yes, whatever ACS thought it was doing in the past obviously was NOT WORKING.

Thank YOU Mr. Lachapelle for recognizing and publicly acknowledging that.

That is definitely a first step in the right direction.

As I have bemoaned in the past the ACS School Board, in particular, have been doing its best to pretend that bullying is not an issue
— and it is possible that at least one member may have a vested reason for doing so.

So far I have been fairly impressed with Lachapelle. That he is a graduate of the Wheaton College (MA) might have something to do with that.

I will, of course, be keeping an eye on how this pans out.

Merry Christmas.

It Is Official. No Images Of Nelson Mandela’s Body. Is The Family Trying To SELL The Pictures To TMZ Or Did The Embalming Go Wrong?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Did they botch Mandela’s embalming?
— Dec. 13, 2013.

Where is Nelson Mandela’s body?
Dec. 12, 2013.

I found this last night from South Africa.

No PLANS to release Madiba pics.

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was never a Saint per se.

But, he was an exemplary human being with a heart of gold and a great set of values.

Not so when it comes to his extended, splintered, multi-tier family.
Fully understand and appreciate that many went through A LOT
in the past and that some did a great deal of good for the cause.
As such they, though not all, are entitled to try and
profit as much as possible from their GREAT MAN.

But, it would be a shame if this is all but a ploy to
get big bucks for photo exclusives.

Then again, knowing South Africa’s propensity for getting this wrong —
they could very easily botched the embalming.

I am sure we will find out soon enough.

Click to access original 'IOL' article. While you are at it check out their 'IOL Dating' section -- keeping in mind that S.A.  now, alas, is plagued with HIV/AIDS.

Click to access original ‘IOL’ article. While you are at it check out their ‘IOL Dating’ section — keeping in mind that S.A. now, alas, is plagued with HIV/AIDS.


CBS News. At least tells us what the body ‘looks’ like. Click to access.


When ‘The Telegraph’ doesn’t show me the body I get WORRIED. Click to access. There is an embedded video.


Well if you hide the pictures there are bound to be FAKES. Click to access.


BBC coverage on YouTube. Click to access video. Still no images of body. SCARY.

Do YOU Realize That They Have Downloadable Software Updates For Digital Cameras — Definitely For Panasonic Lumix Cameras.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Dec. 10, 2013
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Deanna, quite rightly, is on the warpath about her Panasonic Lumix ZS19 and the sticking lens cover. Since we got this, the 3rd ZS20/ZS19, from Target — and Target is NOT Amazon — we can’t return it, as we would have been able with Amazon. This is why I buy most things from Amazon. Amazon rocks. Target sucks.

Since Deanna was beside herself, mad at heck with Target and Panasonic, I went looking for the Panasonic Web support site.

Panasonic Web & telephone support is a JOKE.

Ask Deanna. This is a shame. We like Panasonic. We have 3 Panasonic cameras and I just bought my 2nd Panasonic multi-handset telephone system.

Anyway we only have one option with this damn ZS19. We have to return it to bloody Panasonic and they will refurbish it. I am going to sell it or give it away after that. I am going to get a better camera.

Anyhow ….

Software updates for cameras! Wow.

Well, it makes sense. In 2007 when I got my Philips 47″ flat screen I HAD TO update the software, monthly, for the first year. Without the 1st update the damn thing didn’t even work. That is when I found out I had to update the software to get it to work.

Never even occurred to me that a digital camera would require updates. Well now I know.

It is good and bad. Yes, if you can fix or improve a product with a software update then it should be done. But, what I worry about, as with the Philips TV, is that now we will start getting half-developed products where you have NO OPTION but to keep on downloading software, month after month, until they get it to work.