Banana Fungus? How Gross? Banana SHORTAGE? What Am I Going To Do … This Could Be The Straw …

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge


I check ‘Market Watch’ around 1 a.m every night, kind of the last thing I do, before going to bed to see what I can expect from the markets in the morn. Saw this at 1 a.m. this morning and thought I was hallucinating. How could this be. So, I had to do a Google to make sure. Click to access ‘Market Watch’ original …


Google it. Plenty of other articles. This is from ‘Huff Post’. Click to access.

This is VERY SERIOUS for me.

A daily banana is a part of my diet — through which I have now lost 30 pounds in 11 months.

Actually as part of my ‘stomach healthy‘ routine I have been eating bananas (near daily), eating yogurt daily and taking Metamucil without fail (as if my life depended on it) for over a decade.

Bananas, both the yellow and green kinds, grow wild in Ceylon (Sri Lanka). I didn’t eat bananas when I lived in Ceylon. I didn’t eat ANY vegetables and fruits during those first 14 years (bar one week) of my life in Ceylon. I lived on rice, eggs, meat, Seer fish (and just Seer fish), hoppers, lentils, curried potatoes (sometimes), cakes, puddings, sweets, short-eats and chocolates. We didn’t have apples and grapes. I would eat apples and grapes when we could occasionally get some from a passing steamer. No vegetables. No other fruit. As far as my adoptive grandmother was concerned, and she is who brought me up, I was on a good healthy diet. 

This is why doctors laugh out loud when they see me and even more so when they see my blood reports. Hey, it was good life.

I used to like to chop down banana trees. Trust me it is very satisfying to whack one down, with one blow, of a sharp blade. But, they would GROW BACK — within days. So it wasn’t that destructive … and I think you had to chop them down after they had produced fruit. They grew wild all around the house.

But … now …

IF there is a banana shortage in the U.S. it might become the last straw …

I might have to go back to Ceylon just so I can have my daily banana. Sod the daily bread. Haven’t touched even a 1/4 slice of bread in 11 months.

“Give us this day our daily banana …”

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