Do YOU Realize That They Have Downloadable Software Updates For Digital Cameras — Definitely For Panasonic Lumix Cameras.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Deanna, quite rightly, is on the warpath about her Panasonic Lumix ZS19 and the sticking lens cover. Since we got this, the 3rd ZS20/ZS19, from Target — and Target is NOT Amazon — we can’t return it, as we would have been able with Amazon. This is why I buy most things from Amazon. Amazon rocks. Target sucks.

Since Deanna was beside herself, mad at heck with Target and Panasonic, I went looking for the Panasonic Web support site.

Panasonic Web & telephone support is a JOKE.

Ask Deanna. This is a shame. We like Panasonic. We have 3 Panasonic cameras and I just bought my 2nd Panasonic multi-handset telephone system.

Anyway we only have one option with this damn ZS19. We have to return it to bloody Panasonic and they will refurbish it. I am going to sell it or give it away after that. I am going to get a better camera.

Anyhow ….

Software updates for cameras! Wow.

Well, it makes sense. In 2007 when I got my Philips 47″ flat screen I HAD TO update the software, monthly, for the first year. Without the 1st update the damn thing didn’t even work. That is when I found out I had to update the software to get it to work.

Never even occurred to me that a digital camera would require updates. Well now I know.

It is good and bad. Yes, if you can fix or improve a product with a software update then it should be done. But, what I worry about, as with the Philips TV, is that now we will start getting half-developed products where you have NO OPTION but to keep on downloading software, month after month, until they get it to work.


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