Avast, You Have No Choice, Auto-Renewal: Be Careful. Very Careful. Avast Will Bill Credit Card BUT Not Auto-Renew!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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This e-mail tells its own story …

Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE.

I had to contact them, phone, chat, e-mail & TROUBLE TICKET
before I got this response — finally sending me the license file.

They had charged my Credit Card full 5 days earlier. They sent me an e-mail saying auto-renew complete.

They lied. All it meant was that they were charging my Credit Card.

I get 4 paid Avast Internet Security license — a 3 pack and a single.

It is the ‘single’ that has auto-renew — because I got no option. The ‘single’ license is on my 13-year old daughter’s PC.

So I don’t see the status of that PC often. When it said auto-renewed I assumed all was OK.

Not so. Avast was disabled — 5 days after they charged my Credit Card.

I then spent 40 minutes, calling, online chat, filling in trouble ticket.

Avast is becoming downright scammy.

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