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‘Boxing Day’ 2013 Cricket Schedule — And To My Chagrin Sri Lanka, Acting Like Heathens, Are Playing On Christmas Day.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.



Anura Guruge

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Sports is BIG part of the beloved ‘Boxing Day’ tradition.

In Blighty, of course, that means ‘footie‘ on Boxing Day — and yes, of course, I used to follow either Bristol City or Southamptondepending on where I was, either Home or Away and ‘we’ had good season tickets for Bristol City.

Alas it is too cold for outdoor cricket in December in the U.K. contrary to what Al Gore may think.

The TRADITIONAL Boxing Day cricket match, of course, is an ‘Ashes’ test against us and the Ozzies.

And that, of course, is happening again on Boxing Day.

That (my) Sri Lanka is playing cricket on Christmas Day kind of angers me. While it is one thing for me to be an heathen, Sri Lanka, despite what they think, is not totally heathen.

We still do have about 8% Christians. Plus, I am sure that the Captain Angelo (Angel) Mathews is Christian. Plus from all the ‘sign of the cross’ that I see from some of the players we do have other Christian players. While playing cricket on Christmas Day is not exactly a crime or sin, or even that bad of a thing, I hate to see Sri Lanka acting like we have no idea of ‘class’. Yes, of course, Pakistan will love to play cricket on Christmas. But, thank God (whoever that may be), that Sri Lanka is NOT Pakistan. I really do despair of what is happening in Sri Lanka.

Click to access full schedule at Cricinfo.com.

Click to access full schedule at Cricinfo.com.

Wolfeboro, First Night 2014. New Website Coming. Old Website Has 2013 Details! Chamber Has Details.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Portsmouth 2014 ‘First Night’
— the latest

I was right.
Wolfeboro ‘First Night’ has NOTHING on the Web for 2014!

What they have is last year’s events and buttons.

That is official and confirmed.

I just called up the Wolfeboro Chamber of Commerce.


They admitted that there will be a NEW ‘Website’ and with 8 days to go it is still NOT UP.

Why folks around here have trouble doing Websites confounds me.
I can do a new Website, from scratch, in a couple of hours
and have done 4 in the last 5 weeks to prove that.

The Chamber says that they have PRINTED stuff and that
they will be mailing it shortly.

How cute! How provincial.

But, main thing. Don’t be duped by the old Website.


BJBHX, Aberdeen (Artio) Global High Income Fund Has A Decent 2013.

Tapered candles shedding light to the world.

Tapered candles shedding light to the world.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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BJBHX and I go back a ‘long’ time
— which in this case means about 5 years.

It has sometimes been a stormy relationship. Number of times I have liquidated my holdings — but so far, each and every time, I have gone back with my tail between my legs. And yes, twice they have enforced their ‘you are forbidden from coming back within a month’ edict on me.

They really screwed me last December. I was not a happy camper. I had a number of meaningful conversations with them, into January 2013, and told them in no uncertain terms that they had screwed up. That I bailed out completely in January kind of highlighted my point — and let’s just say that they noticed that I bailed.

But, luckily, I couldn’t stay away for too long. Though I try and try, I have yet to find a decent alternative to BJBHX — and I have probably spent 70 to 80 hours, just this year, researching alternatives and I do so using tons of computing power with spreadsheets galore that work out minutiae that public research just don’t tell you.

PLUS, I have learned this to my cost. Those that publish public research on High Yield investment instruments DO NOT LIVE off the products that they talk about. It is all theory to them. I live off the investments I make. IF I screw up, and I often do (given that I am not really that smart), we suffer and we starve (which is why I have lost so much weight). Evaluating products like BJBHX is not easy. You have to factor in the monthly dividends and the possible year end Capital Gains. So it is never a straight comparison of the NAV going up and down. Plus, you need to correlate the dividend to the NAV price. I crunch the numbers and I then stare at them with incredulity. I have no option but to go back to BJBHX.

So far this year, including the Cap Gains they just paid (like this morning), BJBHX has done ‘OK’ this. Cracks me up. They are doing exactly what I told them that they had to do in January. But, I know that is but a coincidence. Nobody listens to me.

I am kind of procrastinating, BUT I know I need to do another batch of serious number crunching by January 1, 2014. Of course this has been a good year. Thank YOU, Fed. Thank YOU, Ben. But, I can’t be complacent. We might end up having to miss a meal a day. So more staring at spreadsheets need to be done. Though I will do everything I can to resist it I have this horrible feeling that I might throw more money at BJBHX — though I, despite all evidence to the contrary, am not that stupid as to put all my money in one basket.

Anyhow, check BJBHX.
The Lippier Leader ratings, alas, are RIGHT, if you discount the distributions.

BJBHX is NOT for the faint of heart.


Aberdeen Asset Management, which bought Artio ‘last year’,
has ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA, whatsoever, of what BJBHX is doing.

It is scary. That is red flag. They could totally screw up BJBHX. 

Obamacare: Educated Americans Paying $600/Month Have NO IDEA That They May Qualify For Rebates!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.oscratchhead

by Anura Guruge

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Just Bloody Amazing!

After, what is it, 3 years, and all this public agonizing, debate
and histrionics EDUCATED Americans (i.e., those with at least a 4 year College degree)
have NO IDEA about Obamacare.

I am an confessed political and news junkie
and I ‘lobbied’ for Obamacare.
So yes, it is true, that I probably know
more about Obamacare than is good for me.

But, how could EDUCATED Americans NOT KNOW
about Obamacare REBATES etc.
especially when they bemoan their $600/month premiums.

That Obama has done an appalling job is now beyond doubt or debate.

Since he has no shame it will not bother him.

He and his cronies are laughing all the way to the bank.

They are set for generations to come.
Obama has made thousands of multi-millionaires
through this fraud.

I just want to tell people,
unless you are earning some BIG BUCKS
there is a good chance that you might be eligible
for some monthly premium relief —
though, alas, you have to do that via the cursed
‘healthcare.gov’ Website.

From ABC. Maybe YOU should watch this IF you didn't know that Obamacare has rebates that reduce monthly premiums.

From ABC. Maybe YOU should watch this IF you didn’t know that Obamacare has rebates that reduce monthly premiums.

New Hampshire Lakes Region (Alton) Dodges, Just, The ‘Ice Storm’ Of December 2013.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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It was close, viz. this weekend’s, i.e., December 21 – 22, 2013, ice storm for Central New Hampshire, particularly the Lakes Region.

I don’t trust or bother with WMUR’s weather forecast at the local level. They can’t, obviously, tell me what is likely to happen in East Alton. The best they can do, and will do, is to talk about the ‘Lakes Region’ in general, and that as I know, is a large diverse area that covers many sins. So I check the weather maps by hand and also rely on ‘weather underground’ which does try to provide more specific, local forecasts. It was close. Touch-and-go.

But, we appear to have, so far, dodged the worst. Not much icing till Monday morning (i.e., this morning). No power failures on Sunday — though I had ‘warmed up’ my two generators on Friday for what I thought would be the eventuality. I know we still have a couple of hours of annoying, light precipitation to contend with. My thermometer, 30′ above ground, says it is 34F.

As the pictures show we do have icing. I didn’t go running Sunday or today. Saturday was my ‘day off’ on my ‘3-days-on, 1-day-off‘ schedule that gives me 6 days of running a week. So I haven’t run, or shovelled snow, in 3 days. Feel totally bloated. But not a bad thing. Every once in awhile this old, decrepit body, on its last legs, can do with a bit of  break. I guess I have no choice but to pound up the hill, wheezing, panting and grunting, as I always do, with the two dogs. I think they miss the run too.

These are pictures from 10:30 am, Monday, December 23, 2013.
Click to ENLARGE.