‘Boxing Day’ 2013 Cricket Schedule — And To My Chagrin Sri Lanka, Acting Like Heathens, Are Playing On Christmas Day.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.



Anura Guruge

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—  Dec. 23, 2012.
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Sports is BIG part of the beloved ‘Boxing Day’ tradition.

In Blighty, of course, that means ‘footie‘ on Boxing Day — and yes, of course, I used to follow either Bristol City or Southamptondepending on where I was, either Home or Away and ‘we’ had good season tickets for Bristol City.

Alas it is too cold for outdoor cricket in December in the U.K. contrary to what Al Gore may think.

The TRADITIONAL Boxing Day cricket match, of course, is an ‘Ashes’ test against us and the Ozzies.

And that, of course, is happening again on Boxing Day.

That (my) Sri Lanka is playing cricket on Christmas Day kind of angers me. While it is one thing for me to be an heathen, Sri Lanka, despite what they think, is not totally heathen.

We still do have about 8% Christians. Plus, I am sure that the Captain Angelo (Angel) Mathews is Christian. Plus from all the ‘sign of the cross’ that I see from some of the players we do have other Christian players. While playing cricket on Christmas Day is not exactly a crime or sin, or even that bad of a thing, I hate to see Sri Lanka acting like we have no idea of ‘class’. Yes, of course, Pakistan will love to play cricket on Christmas. But, thank God (whoever that may be), that Sri Lanka is NOT Pakistan. I really do despair of what is happening in Sri Lanka.

Click to access full schedule at Cricinfo.com.

Click to access full schedule at Cricinfo.com.

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