1.1 Million Enrolled Through Healthcare.gov DOES NOT Mean That 1.1 Million Folks Got Insurance! Geeze.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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1.1 Million people have logged on and created accounts.

That does NOT mean that 1.1 Million people SUCCEEDED in getting health insurance through the bloody system.

Just because you signed up and even COMPLETED the application does not mean you QUALIFY or have been ENROLLED.

Geez! These highly-paid idiots who write this garbage have never been through the process — they have company provided insurance.

Of the 1.1 Million probably 30% are duplicate applications. I made 9 applications before I succeeded.

Plus, you have to submit income verification etc. after they say that you have completed the ‘enrollment’.

The real number of folks that have got insurance through the system is probably 40% of that 1.1 million.

I think there are 8,000 who have managed to get insurance in N.H. through healthcare.gov.

Mark those words and that number.

How do I know? Just lets say that I have forgotten more about computer systems than most ever had a chance to learn.

1.1 million number is a misrepresentation.

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