KIA U.S.A. Again Displays Its Stupidity Post Lying About Mileage — Now It Won’t Let You Lease A Sedona Van.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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I went to Team KIA, Concord, N.H., this afternoon to lease a Sedona van.

I had called them up on Saturday and told them I was coming.

When I get there they tell me that KIA U.S.
does not lease Sedonas.
You have to buy them outright.

That is STUPID.

Another example of KIA just not understanding what it takes to do business in the U.S.A.

They were STUPID to lie about their mileage … and then get caught.

By the way, they have yet to pay us the supposed rebate. So they lied about that too. Must be how they do business in Korea.

When I was a consultant I did a ton of work c. 1994 – 1995 for a Chicago leasing company. Father and son. Father had set up the company nearly 30 years ago. They were extremely successful, loaded and very generous. 95% of all of my business meeting with them were in very exclusive and expensive restaurants and clubs in and around Chicago. Until I started working for them I never realized that Hotels have secret, hidden away private clubs. You could stay at the hotel and never know that there was a huge club that you entered via a hidden door. Well, they taught me a lot about leasing. The father would say, repeatedly: ‘as long as something has a residual value that can be determine, you can lease it’. They leased Rolexs and sail boats — in addition to cars, trailers, planes and high-end IT equipment.

I remember that a few years ago Hyundai and  KIA didn’t do leasing at all.

Now that they do, to say that they don’t lease certain models is stupid.

Yes, I lease a KIA Sportage.

I like leasing. We don’t do that much milage. We don’t commute. We have two cars. No the Sportage we average 750 miles/month. So leasing is great for me. Hand it in at the end of 3 years and get a new car.

Bloody KIA. I sent them one of my polite e-mails.

Another way to interpret their reluctance to lease a Sedona is to assume that it is a piece of junk with NO RESIDUAL value after 3 years. That would make sense. If after 3 years it is worth nothing then leasing does not make sense to the lessee. So that must be it. The KIA Sedona is worthless after 3 years. That is what KIA is saying.

Now I will have to lease a van from Nissan or Chrysler.

I like Team KIA. They were 100% upfront when we leased the Sportage. That is why I was going to get another KIA. Well screw them.

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