Very Festive, 2013 New Year’s Eve Google Doodle For December 31, 2013. But, No Animation or Sound!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

gddec312013thLast Google Doodle post:
Happy Holidays II 2013
>>Dec. 24, 2013.

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I could be wrong, but I can’t get any sound from this. I thought that clicking the speakers …
Plus, other than the dancing, can’t get it to do anything else.
Come on Google. YOU can do better.
I want a singing and dancing one TOMORROW.
That is an ORDER. OK?

Past New Year’s Eve Google Doodles.
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4 thoughts on “Very Festive, 2013 New Year’s Eve Google Doodle For December 31, 2013. But, No Animation or Sound!

  1. Paul Kern, PMP

    I couldn’t agree more. A month ago, for Dr. Who anniversary, there was an animated Google Doodle with a sound button to enable sound, and a series of animated puzzles behind that. This is New Years, Google!

    1. aguruge Post author

      Happy New Year. Yes, very strange. They had so much scope. Plus showing those speakers with no sound. They did 3 rather tame Doodles for Dec. 24 – Dec. 26, 2013. Seems to be going for quantity rather than quality. Do you ever check the Google archive. They do some pretty neat stuff, country specific, that we never see. All the best. Happy 2014, Doodle or otherwise. Cheers, Anura

  2. Nora Mitchell (@pennyaline)

    Hey, I’ve been asking about this same thing about this doodle all day and have gotten no responses or speculations. Google themselves have not responded to direct inquiry either. Frankly, this doodle is a huge disappointment. Google’s been getting lazy with the doodles lately; they have a doodle for everything, but they’re becoming more often nothing other than still pictures.

    1. aguruge Post author

      Yes, recently it has become quantity rather than quality. Very strange. To begin with I thought it was me. I am not good with computer games. So I assumed I didn’t know the shortcuts. Also thought sound on my PC had stopped working! Had to go to YouTube and play a video to check that sound was OK. Happy New Year. Cheers, Anura


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