Another Positive Shout-Out For The ‘Sea Bird’ Chinese Restaurant In Wolfeboro, N.H.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE.

That we, I in particular, like the ‘Sea Bird’ in Wolfeboro is no secret. I have been going there since 1993 — which is more or less when they first started. Lets be fair, it is pretty easy to like them. There food is good, they are kind to your wallet, the layout inside is pleasant enough and they are VERY NICE people. Yes, over the last 2 years we have got to know the Vietnamese owners Guy & Lan. They are always there. So, now when we go we have a little chat before we even sit down — and Lan typically comes later on and we talk some more. Since I am known to travel with chocolates to give people at whim, I have started taking chocolates for Lan. That amuses her.

Going to the Sea Bird for Chinese on January 1 (or late on December 31) will become a family tradition. We went there December 31, 2012. January 1 is our wedding anniversary. We got married at 3 pm, on January 1, 2003 at the Gunstock Inn, Gilford. I insist that we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries — since to me life, or at least just being alive, is worth celebrating. A year ago we lucked out in that we managed to get John P. Kimball (who works at AutoServ of Tilton) to join us. John, who is also a J.P., and worked for 94.9 for decades (and was a fellow Rotarian in Laconia), was the one that, kindly, married us. John now lives in Wolfeboro, on Smith River. So it was fun to have John join us on our 10th anniversary. I tried to get John to join us this year. He couldn’t; he is house sitting up in Hanover. So we are going to go to the Sea Bird again, later this month, with John.

In December, as you must recall, we had the Clearlakes Chorale concert and the Northeastern Ballet ‘Nutcracker’ performances. Remember? Well, ‘Sea Bird’ to their CREDIT advertised in the programs for both shows. BRAVO, Sea Bird. I was pretty damn impressed. Yes, we too ‘advertised’ (or at least put something in), in both programs since we are committed to both organizations — and appreciate the opportunity they give our kids. I study the programs assiduously since it tells you something about the community. For example, I never see any of the Alton marinas advertise in these programs. Ditto for the asset management and investment firms in Wolfeboro. I have to assume that these folks make more money than the ‘Sea Bird’. But they don’t advertise, but ‘Sea Bird’ does. That makes me like the ‘Sea Bird’ even more.

'Sea Bird' to their credit advertised in the 'Clearlakes Chorale' and 'Northeastern Ballet' programs in 2013. Click to ENLARGE. Bravo 'Sea Bird'.

‘Sea Bird’ to their credit advertised in the ‘Clearlakes Chorale’ and ‘Northeastern Ballet’ programs in 2013. Click to ENLARGE. Bravo ‘Sea Bird’.

Lan's special 'Shirley Temple' for the girls.

Lan’s special ‘Shirley Temple’ for the girls.

We didn’t order a huge amount of food last night. We were all still getting over getting home at 4 am in the morning from Portsmouth after First Night! [Yes, for the 2nd time in a week, and very atypically for us, we again had car trouble. Dead battery this time. We actually ended, all four of us, spending some time in the back of a Portsmouth Police cruiser — a first for all of us! No, no. Don’t get excited. We were not arrested or even suspected of causing trouble. They let us sit in the back of the cruiser to stay warm until AAA arrived! Thinking back I realize that, never mind asking for ID, they never even asked us for our names. Just said get in and get warm! It is AMAZING how we LUCK out with strangers when we have car trouble. So, we started 2014 with a BANG. Quite an adventure. It wasn’t bad. But, we were all suffering yesterday. I worked out that I don’t function that well on 4.5 hours sleep though I struggled to do some writing.]

Though the kids will live on fried rice, I, alas, have to watch my carbs. Though I ordered a ton of rice knowing that we would take it home, and we did bring back 3 very full boxes of food, I was parsimonious, as is my new wont, in my carb intake. Tried a new appetizer, the ‘Wontons in hot sesame sauce’. It was divine! We got the other usual suspects: beef teriyaki, boneless ribs, crab rangoons, General Gau’s, sesame chicken, egg rolls etc. etc. All of it was good. They tend to get it just right. The girls had ‘Shirley Temples‘. Lan makes it, ‘special’, for them. After the night before I felt entitled to a ‘Suffering Bastard‘ (though I had not touched any alcohol in Portsmouth). I think the ‘Suffering Bastard’ will again become my signature drink at Chinese restaurants. I had forgotten that it is a robust drink with a kick. Went down well. Just what I needed.

So, unreserved, unstinted praise, kudo and endorsement for the ‘Sea Bird’ and the staff. Support them — they support the community cultural efforts.

Thanks Guy. Thanks Lan.

Happy New Year.

Anura Guruge 11th anniversary, 2014

11th wedding anniversary. ‘Sea Bird’, Wolfeboro, N.H., Jan. 1, 2014.

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