Anthem Computer System MORE Screwed Up Than, BUT Anthem Blackmailing Media NOT To Say Anything.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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++++ Search ‘Anthem’ for my new woes with damn ‘Anthem’ >>>>

The CLOUT of the Advertising Dollars.


Anthem’s systems are so bogged down and malfunctioning that they are now trying to process
enrollments by HAND!

Heard it from the horse’s mouth itself yesterday.

Yes, I called again yesterday.
After a 97 minute hold I got through.

I still don’t have coverage
DESPITE now 2 confirmation e-mails!

They admit that they can’t cope
and that they have basically given up.

But, here is the doozie.

They are blackmailing all media outlets from reporting about it.

I have called up WMUR multiple times since Thursday to tell them that they need to cover this.

Notice they are covering the ‘Fred Fuller‘ non-story.

BUT not a peep about Anthem.

Anthem has GAGGED them.

But, Anthem & Wellpoint stock will soar.

Just one continuous chain of fraud, deception and duplicity.



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