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Boston Chinatown ‘Main Street’ Gala For 2014 Chinese New Year, ‘The Year Of The Horse’, Tonight, At The ‘Hei La Moon’. $50/Seat.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.2014yearhorseaghny

Anura Guruge

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Click to access 'Boston Chinatown Main Street' Facebook page.

Click to access ‘Boston Chinatown Main Street’ Fabebook page.

I just saw this. It wasn’t on their Facebook a week ago. Looks like it was ‘invitation only’ to begin with.

It is a fundraiser. Looks interesting.

New Year isn’t for another 20 days! So it does seem a tad premature.

$50 might not be unreasonable. Plus there are a LOT of very rich Chinese. IF I had known about this earlier I might have considered, despite the price.

Hei La Moon‘ is not my favorite restaurant in Boston Chinatown. The Hei La Moon is BIG and has has large, picture windows. Other than that, in my opinion, it has nothing going for it compared to our long-time favorite, and by that I mean for decades, ‘China Pearl‘.

The ‘Chinatown Main Street (Boston)’ Facebook page is still lacking in details as to what will happen towards the end of January 2014 as ‘The Year of the Horse’ approaches. There event page is still only listing events from December 2013!

But, I will keep you posted. Cheers.

The Unusual ‘Crescent’ View Of Venus — Due To Its Current, Directly Between Earth & Sun Conjunction.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.
Anura Guruge

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Click to access article on this conjunction at 'spaceweather.com'. IF not on front page, do a search on 'Venus'.

Click to access article on this conjunction at ‘spaceweather.com’. IF not on front page, do a search on ‘Venus’.

Do Throwaway Dixie Cups Have To Be That Fancy? ‘PerfectTouch’ Is Pretty Cool, But I Feel Guilty.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.perfectdixie

Anura Guruge

The girls got their hair cut in Gilford yesterday at the same place that I have been going for the last 10 years or more. It is very nice. We have been going to the same lady, ‘Angela’, since 2005 — as established yesterday. She used to cut my hair too, but of late there is hardly nothing to cut — so I don’t bother. But the girls, and by that we also mean ‘Deanna’, love their hair cuts with Angela.

My actual cup. I brought it home so I could stroke it more -- and to check on its brand.

My actual cup. I brought it home so I could stroke it more — and to check on its brand.

They provide all sorts of refreshments — including wine, though I have yet to partake because even by my loose-standards there seems something oddly perverse about drinking wine at a hair salon, though I know, for a fact, that I must have drunk wine in stranger places given my propensity for dipsomania (or at least for red wine).

Yesterday, for the first time I encountered these really cool, fancy cups.

Wow. Talk about the tactile touch. It gave me shivers and I am not that sensitive!

Loved the cups. But it made me feel very guilty. These are throwaway cups. Anything that is disposal from the get-go bothers me.

I checked the prices of these delectable cups. They are nowhere near as costly as I had expected. In bulk you can get them at 8 cents a cup. That is not bad. Not great, but it could have been worse.

What I loved about our trip to the Grand Canyon last April was the emphasis on ecology and going-green. I would love to see the Grand Canyon precepts applied all across the world. Yes, throwaway cups are very handy. That said I invariably carry an oversized insulated cup with me.

This is a problem. These cups are very cool, but are they worth the ‘resources’ needed to make them given that we are going to throw them away.

No thinking about it … I will have to prevail upon the Gilford salon to start providing proper mugs. I will gladly wash mine after I use it.

Kudos To Gunstock Mountain Resort, Gilford (N.H.) For Their FREE Ski Binding Adjustment For Non-Rental Skis

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.gunstocklogo

Anura Guruge

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P1090427Devanee has been skiing on a regular basis for the last few years. I think I got her started at Gunstock many years ago, but of late she goes with the school — and weather permitting, in April, I will take her with me for the day (given that in my old age I really have become a confirmed warm weather skier).

She likes her skiing, which is good, though she still hasn’t got to the point of skiing like a ‘Guruge‘.

I used to get her to rent her stuff. But, with her skiing more and more the economics of this was getting debatable. So in early December we went to a ski sale in Wolfeboro, at the Kingswood School, and bought her skis, boots and a helmet. Since I am anxious that she starts skiing like a ‘Guruge‘ as soon as possible I got her a pair of rather aggressive, heavily-waisted Völkl racing skis with decent Marker bindings. She, being the young lady she is, chose the boots — more for the looks and comfort rather than performance.

That is me in the Green, at Loon, last March.

She had her first ski outing, with the school, yesterday. So on Tuesday I realized that I had to get the bindings taken care of. I didn’t want to mess with them because if she broke her ankle Deanna would be convinced that it was because I hadn’t adjusted the bindings right. Plus despite my obsession, in years past, with skiing, I never used to do my own bindings. So, we needed to find a place to get the bindings done.

I thought that we would start with Gunstock, given that they do have a ski shop. I was, of course, willing to pay for the service.

But, it was FREE. That was pretty cool. I was impressed. Bravo, Gunstock.


NYC De Blasio Pizza ‘Forkgate’ Is Nothing Compared To Dilema Sri Lankans Face With Eating Rice & Curry.

New York’s new mayor Bill de Blasio struggling with a pizza. From ‘The New York Times’. Please click to access full coverage and story.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

by Anura Guruge

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A pretty representative picture (from 'supersana.com'). WE really eat with your fingers rather than your hands per se, though this is not always the case with Indians.

A pretty representative picture (from ‘supersana.com’). WE really eat with your fingers rather than your hands per se, though this is not always the case with Indians.

When I saw the ‘Forkgate‘ story on TV this morning my heart went out to poor De Blasio, because I too used to have this same dilemma, albeit not with pizza, but with rice and curry, especially when I was in my 30s and 40s.

Though I don’t eat it often, and haven’t eaten any rice in a year, I do like curry. I assume that that is kind of genetical. I grew up eating rice and curry and that kind of gets you in the groove. In Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), at least in my day, everybody ate their rice and curry by hand — a rice & curry meal consisting of rice (invariably white), dahl (lentils of varying consistency and spiciness) and one or more meat, fish, potato or vegetable curry. You combined a bit of rice, a bit of dahl and one of more of the curries in your hand and then put that in your mouth. You only used your fingers and those of just your right hand. In Ceylon that is how you would remind people as to which was their right hand — the one they ate with.

fingerbowlsOK, for the purposes of full disclosure, I used to be fed, by hand, by my grandmother during most of the 13.9 years I lived in Ceylon — departing in August 1976, a week prior to my 14th birthday. No, I wasn’t anymore disabled or incapable as I am now. And it was not laziness by any means. It had to do with my Type AA++++ personality where I can’t even brush my teeth unless I am reading something. And reading, my lifelong vice, was the problem. We didn’t have TV in Ceylon when I was growing up. So, I used to read — non-stop, in both Sinhalese and English, from the time I was three. I read in the car, I read in the bathroom, I read in bed, I read everywhere. Just like now I was surrounded by books. And here was the problem with rice & curry. Given the need to combine the food it is not really possible to read and eat rice & curry, effectively, even if you use a spoon and fork. I basically, even at 13, would rather read than eat — though nobody would have ever accused me of being undernourished. That had to do with my grandmother. She took care of me ever since I was born. She had me on a super-rich diet, of eggs, butter, meat and fish. And because I had my face in a book or comic, she would sit and my side, for long periods of time, and put food in my mouth when I opened it. Now, this does not in any way mean that I was spoilt.

Well, after I left Ceylon there was nobody to feed me. So I had to fend for myself. Plus I didn’t eat rice & curry on a daily.

bohra-cuisine-thaalI enjoyed eating with my fingers. I could do it well. I used to make fun of Sri Lankans who didn’t eat with their fingers. When I was in my mid-20s and moved into marketing I started wearing my trademark french-cuffed white-shirts, cuff-links, colorful ties and ‘fancy’ suits on a daily basis. I still ate, at lunch, if I was at an Indian, with my fingers. In those days Indian restaurants served finger bowls, in varying degrees of fanciness, before and after your meal. I ate with my fingers in 5-star hotels in India and Sri Lanka. That what you did. Then I started, while visiting Paris, to sometimes use a spoon and fork. That used to bother me. I used to go back and forth. Used my fingers in the U.K., spoon and fork in Paris!

By the time I was in my mid-40s the matter was settled. I didn’t eat rice & curry that often, BUT when I did I didn’t use my fingers. A couple of years ago we were invited to a Sri Lankan house in Massachusetts for rice & curry and I did eat with my fingers just to prove that I could.

So, I feel for De Blasio.

Now some Indians, especially Southern Indians, eat with their hands. They move the rice & curry to their palm and even squeeze it. They will drink the liquid that comes out. That is messy. I have never done that.

Now just to make some of you cringe, I have also partaken in communal eating — with your fingers, from the same plate! As I have stressed in these posts, Ceylon, when I was growing up, was pleasantly multicultural. We would go to muslim weddings. Being asked to partake in communal eating is a sign of kinship. I was young. Never bothered me. I knew the folks and there were strict protocols. Not sure whether I could do it now. Deanna cringes even when I mention it …

Gunstock Inn, Gilford (N.H.) Reopens Under New Owners — The Same Folks Who Own Lazy E Motor Inn & Bear Tree Lodge. Hurrah!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to access 'Union Leader' coverage.

Click to access ‘Union Leader’ coverage.

Wedding 103We happened to drive by there this afternoon and saw the sign that they were open — and that the restaurant and fitness center would be opening soon.

There were even some cars.

When we got home I Googled and found the above in the ‘Union Leader’.

That the new owners are the same as those that own the Lazy E makes us very happy. They, Les and Linda Shuster, are very nice people — as I have already said in this post and this.

Les and Linda Shuster, in 2007, gave us a fantastic suite, with Wi-Fi, when we were homeless. For that we will always be grateful and sing their praises. What is ironic is that the previous owners of the Gunstock Inn, though we frequented their restaurant, refused to help us out. So the worm has turned.

That Les and Linda Shuster were looking at the Inn was well known and previously reported.

This is great.

As most of my posts on the Inn will mention the Inn is special for us. That is where we got married, at 3 pm, on January 1, 2003.

Now that we know that Les and Linda own it, we will stop by. I see that they want to promote the Inn for weddings. They can use all of our pictures (even if they have to Photoshop me and put somebody else’s head on my exotic tux). Deanna looked great.