Of Course I Got It Right That Pietro Parolin Will Be Created A Cardinal. That Was A Given. Just Delighted About Loris Francesco Capovilla.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Here is the list of the 19 to be created cardinals. Click to ENLARGE.

My collaborator, the Catholic Priest, as was expected, got quite a few of the ‘Cardinal Designates’, announced today, right.

I, of course, got the Pietro Parolin creation right on Day 1, August 31, 2013 — the day that it was announced that he will be the next Secretary of State. That was easy.

16 cardinal electors mean that barring any deaths we will have 122 cardinal electors following the February 22, 2014 consistory. However, only 120 are eligible to participate in a conclave IF there were to be one. That this pope TOO is playing this ‘over the top’ game is disappointing. Again, barring deaths it will take till March 14, 2014 for this number to get down to 120 — two cardinals turning 80 by then. This is naughty. All 3 of the last popes have played this game WITHOUT explaining how they want the OVERAGE handled IF they were to die.

Loris Francesco Capovilla was John XXIII’s last personal secretary. He did sterling work for this good pope — still the MOST popular of all popes. Loris Francesco Capovilla is also one of the oldest living Catholic bishops. I have learned a lot about Capovilla in the last few months since I am writing a book about Pope John XXIII. So, I am delighted that he will be created. I am also fairly sure that he will be the OLDEST to have ever been created.

Click to access Wikipedia entry.

Click to access Wikipedia entry.

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