Rusty Moose Restaurant, Alton (N.H.) Sends Out Promotional Flyer By Mail. They Have 1/2 Price APPS.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.P1090440
Anura Guruge

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This tall, lime colored flyer dropped out when Deanna put our pile of mail on the kitchen counter on Saturday.

I had to take a double take, BUT I was immediately impressed. I don’t normally pay any heed to bulk flyers in the mail and can’t remember the last time I saw a restaurant using this ‘cheap’ option for marketing. But, I realized — these folks have got it right. They do know their target market! Bravo. They, especially in the depths of winter, are not after folks, like me, who check out restaurants on the Web before they even think about going to the joint. I haven’t checked to see if they have done anything to improve their Web presence. All I know is that I get hits each day on my one-and-only ‘Rusty Moose‘ post. I feel bad. People should be going to their Facebook or Webpage rather than coming here. Many are coming looking for the menu. I don’t have it. Maybe they will start going to this post.

That they have a 1/2 price APPS sale on Tuesdays and Thursday intrigued me. They don’t specify whether it is Apple, Android or Windows. If they do do Android APPS at 1/2 price I will be there with all three of our Android pads. This year I have been buying APPS — mainly GPS APPS. So this could be useful. Just paid something like $22 for the commercial Tom-Tom GPS maps. Still cheaper than buying a dedicated GPS. I don’t use GPS for directions. I just want it for the maps. Show me a map and I will figure out how to get where I want to go. So, this APPS sale has got be interesting.

Alas and alack, nothing else on this flyer was applicable to me. But, then again I am probably not even close to their ideal, target punter. The ‘$10 for a burger & beer’ sounds good, but I don’t eat burgers or drink beer. Too many carbs. Ditto for the ‘$15 for 2’ on Tuesday nights for pasta. Damn. More pasta. The kids would like it. So since that is also when they have the APPS sale we might have to try it. The kids can have pasta, while I check out what APPS I can download for 1/2 price.


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