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Alton Central School’s (ACS) Board Approved Strategic Plan Is Lacking In But One Thing — Many Plans!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.halfbaked


Anura Guruge

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>> — Nov. 12, 2013.
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Click to gain access to the purported ACS 'Strategic Plan' which is light on 'plans' and heavy on objectives.

Click to gain access to the purported ACS ‘Strategic Plan’ which is light on ‘plans’ and heavy on objectives.

Well, for 1/75th of what we paid to hire the fabled $3,000, "Friend of Bill's" facilitator we could have got this book for the Superintendent.

Well, for 1/75th of what we paid to hire the fabled $3,000, “Friend of Bill’s” facilitator we could have got this book for the Superintendent.

A strategic PLAN and an objective
are two very different things.

I want to lose 40 pounds

Strategic Plan
1. I am going to reduce my carb intake a day by 85%.

2. I am going to run, for at least 45 minutes, six days a week.

3. I am going to double my fibre intake.

4. I am going to weigh myself every morning, at the same time, to see how I am doing


You do get it … right?

Objective and HOW you are going to achieve that objective. Two separate things.

So keeping that in mind look at these pages from the BOARD APPROVED ACS Strategic Plan. Now it is true that I have bad eyesight. I have Keratoconus. So it is possible that I am JUST NOT SEEING the plans in this Strategic Plan. Yes, it is also true that Deanna was on the Committee that came up with this Plan. But, I do recall that she was very agitated by the lack of specific plans in the plan! I think she tried to bring this up, but to no avail. However, I am not writing this because of that. I am writing this because I can’t see enough plans in this plan. [There is a list of the supposed Committee members at the end of this intriguing document. Looking at that list it appears that phantom participation through ESP was permitted.]

where is the strategy whereisthebeefacs

I could definitely be missing something here and maybe I don’t have the necessary ‘decoding bracelet’ to see the PLAN SECTION of this document, but from what I see, there are a LOT of objectives and NO plans.

Also that very first ‘ALTON SCHOOL DISTRICT STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES’, viz. ‘Over 3 years, increase parent and community participation in school related activities to 85%’ just cracked me up. Never mind that I can’t see a plan as to how this wet dream is going to get achieved … but the 85%!

Increase parent and community participation … to 85%?

Pray tell me how that 85% is going to get measured?

85% of what community? Adults, year round residents, taxpayers … What are the caveats.

Where are the plans? Where are the milestones as to when this will be checked.

This is just half-baked.

That the Board approved it doesn’t surprise me. Par for the course.

So just for the heck of it I went looking to see what I can find in Barnstead. I found their ‘Technology Plan’, which is a subset of their Strategic Plan. So check this out. They actually have a section called, wait for it: ‘PLAN’. Wow.

Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE.

P.S., To my horror I realized that I made a bad mistake in the example I used at the top to illustrate the difference between an ‘Objective’ and a ‘Plan’. Must be old age. I used to always get told I good I was at coming up with representative examples and metaphors. Well weight loss was a bad example to use here. My mistake.