N.H. Senator Shaheen Sure Has Clout With Anthem Insurance.

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++++ Search ‘Anthem’ for my new woes with damn ‘Anthem’ >>>>

Around 1 pm this afternoon, just as I was thinking about going down for some breakfast, the phone rang. Called ID said ‘Anthem Ins.’

It was another lovely, helpful lady called ‘Amy’.

She said she called to give me my membership number. I didn’t tell her, to begin with, that I already had it and even set up an Anthem.com account with that number. I wanted to make sure that the number that she gave me was the same one that I was given, THANKS to Lisa at the N.H. Insurance Department, a week ago.

IT WAS. I was delighted.

She even told me, when asked, that I was unlikely to have both my payments, one Dec. 27 & the the Jan. 3, processed. She said they were weeding out duplicate payments. [I just checked. They have YET to charge my credit card!]

Once I asked Amy gave me my Group Numbers, for medical and prescriptions, a so called BIN number and a PCN number. According to her those are ALL the numbers I would ever need. I was very grateful.

I then told her of all the help I had received last week from Lisa, Robert M etc. etc.

I asked her who told her to call me. She said she got a call from Senator Shaheen’s office. Wow.

They are GOOD. Very good.

Second time that Senator Shaheen has helped us majorly.

Thank YOU Senator Shaheen.

Thank YOU the wonderful STAFF that work for Senator Shaheen
especially Laura.

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