Loon Mountain (N.H.) — The New Ice Castle

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.
Anura Guruge

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I first heard about the Loon Ice Castle from Kelly Bryer, the new Queen Bee of the Granite State Ambassadors. Kelly happens to live in Loon and is up on all these matters tourism related. [I am very fond of Kelly because she doesn’t bust my chops for being a very laggardly GSA and assured me a few weeks ago that I am a GSA for life irrespective of the hours I put in because she finds me amusing!]

This was in Kelly’s always amusing and information-packed Newsletter last week.

Click to access Kelly's write up. Definitely worth reading.

Click to access Kelly’s write up. Definitely worth reading.

As ever I wanted more pictures. So, I went to the Loon Website. I can’t find a single picture there. Aahhhmmm! They seem to have a policy of not posting too many pictures.

Luckily WMUR helped out, though I get a feeling that the pictures don’t do the cave enough justice — but, as ever, I could be wrong. Yes, it is not easy to take good pictures of ice caves but, of course, it can be done. Check out the ones below from Luray Caverns in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Click to access the WMUR slideshow.

Click to access the WMUR slideshow.


Click to access. Beautiful pictures.

Click to access. Beautiful pictures.

Given that I have bummed around the D.C. area on-and-off for many years, and am a sucker for driving the Blue Ridge whenever I can (and once did drive from N.C. all the way to D.C. on ‘the Drive’), I have been to Luray once or twice.

On one of those trips I learned an invaluable lesson that I remember even now. How to remember which goes up and which goes down when it comes to stalactites and stalagmites. It is definitely a useful thing to know. So, I will share it with you. When the guide told us of this, and we were deep inside the cave … I just cracked up. Couldn’t stop laughing for the rest of the day. Probably the BEST ‘memory aid’ I have heard, though in time I realized that it is flawed.

But here is the gem of wisdom:

“Stalactites are the ones that come DOWN,
because ‘tights’ ALWAYS come DOWN”

tightsgreencomedownBrilliant … right? Sure creates the right mental picture, but when you think about it, and obviously I did (given that it is not a difficult subject to ponder), I realized that tights have to go up in the first place so that they can come down. Law of physics. Tights can’t come down unless they have gone up in the first place. So, it is also one of those examples of ‘what goes up must come down’. But, despite this deeper understanding into the mechanics of tights, I still LOVE … ‘stalactites come down, because tights always come down’.

Herieth end the first lesson of today. Enjoy.  

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