We Really Should Go To ‘Uno Chicago Grill’ in Concord, N.H. More Often. Good Experience, Enhanced By ‘Ziosk’.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.unologo111
Anura Guruge

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UNO in Concord, 15 Fort Eddy Road, by Petco and LL Bean. From 'city-data.com' & 'infoUSA'. Thanks.

UNO in Concord, 15 Fort Eddy Road, by Petco and LL Bean. From ‘city-data.com’ & ‘infoUSA’. Thanks.

Everything said and done, in the end one of the main factors that determine where we eat are the kids. On the whole, but diet notwithstanding, I try to go to places that appeal to the kids — bar the very few times, a year, where I insist that I need some Indian curry to restore my tan from the inside.

12 – 13 years ago, when Matthew was that much younger, and consequently spent much more time with me, we used to stop at Uno’s in Concord, when I was shuttling him up-and-down, given that he loves pizza. Then I kind of fell out of the habit of going to Uno’s — the kids tending to prefer Chinese.

This Monday, after going to Bedford for an appointment, we needed a place to eat. Deanna said that she had a 20% coupon for Uno’s and that we should use that. Well, 20% is 20%. She had been given the coupon when we had gone to see the ‘Gift of Lights‘ at Loudon on Christmas Eve. Deanna is good with coupons. She collects them and kind of ‘files’ them in some kind of order. But, she invariably has some coupon or other that we could use. Uno’s, in Concord, was perfect for that night. We were going to be right there, on Fort Eddy, given that I find it pathologically impossible to drive by Concord WITHOUT stopping at Market Basket to see what catches my fancy. Hey, I have my share of foibles. As vices go, it could be much worse.

So we hit Uno’s around 6 pm. It wasn’t crowded but there were a fair number of people inside. I find it a nice, cozy, warm, inviting ambience. We asked for a booth. It wasn’t too loud. Just right.

Then we discovered the ‘Ziosk’. Well we spotted them even before we got to the booth. Hard to miss. It was fun. It sure enhanced the experience though we are not strangers to having an Andoid pad with us when we are at a restaurant — and I just happened to be carrying my new Asus pad when we went into Uno’s.

I liked the menu. It had low-carb options, other than just salads, for me. That is important. I had a steak. Deanna had a salad. But, since I eat salad, for dinner, nearly every day, I can do with a change. Devanee, as is often her wont, had fish & chips and devoured it in seconds. Teischan had a cheeseburger from the well conceived and attractively priced kids menu. I had a $5 Margarita because I couldn’t say no to that. We ordered the sundaes for the kids using the Ziosk. Worked. Worked well. We also paid the bill, with a credit card, through the Ziosk, though our waiter, who was exemplary, had to go and enter the 20% off at his PoS station.

Altogether very pleasant, as it should be. No hassles. Just good, relaxed dining — with Teischan, as ever, as was also the case with Matthew, insisting on spilling her water, because we can’t ever eat at a restaurant without spilling water.

I kind of mentioned that I couldn’t remember the last time we had eaten at an Uno’s. Well, Devanee remembered. We had gone to Uno’s, in Tilton, with our Best Man, John Kimball in September of 2012. As soon as she said it, I remembered. That too had been a good, positive experience, though they didn’t have ‘Ziosks’ at the time.

So, Uno’s is on my list. It will most likely be Concord rather than Tilton. From what I see we only have a few in New Hampshire. We really should have more. Looks like a good franchise. Maybe one of the rich folks in Alton will open one at the Alton Circle. It will struggle during the winter, but will thrive in the Summer.

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