Polar Grill Fest, January 25, 2014, In Portsmouth, To Aid The Portsmouth ‘3S Artspace Mission’.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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I wrote about this event last year — but didn’t end up making it. Can’t remember why.

Because I wrote about it, I got this e-mail from their IL-based PR company yesterday. The event appeals to me — it is just the cold. First Night in Portsmouth was enough cold for me — to last the year!

The 3S Artspace Mission looks worthy and I am all in favor of even more artistic initiatives in Portsmouth.

Plus I just love buffalo and bison. The thought of bison sausage is making my mouth water already.

Click to access.

Click to access.


WHAT: After the overwhelming turnout for Polar Grill Fest in 2012 and in 2013, with sell-out crowds of over 2,500 enthusiastic New Englanders each year—and a few slightly confused out-of-towners—The Meat House and Redhook Brewery will once again be firing up the grills and shoveling snow to make way for the event’s local vendors and bands, activities, and plenty of cold beer and fresh grilled meats. Rolling out bison products for the first time in Portsmouth & York Meat House locations, The Bison Council will be grilling up bison sausages and offering health and cooking tips to those braving the artic temperatures.

Open to all ages, with a $5 entrance fee, Polar Grill Fest will be raising funds for 3S Artspace, a local non-profit dedicated to presenting and supporting contemporary artists and their work in order to stimulate the artistic community and creatively engage and educate the public. All proceeds from the event, including a percentage of all vendor sales, will benefit 3S Artspace in their vision to support the arts through education, engaging and showcasing local artists, and providing the foundation and outlets to accommodate them.

WHERE: Redhook Brewery is located at 1 Redhook Way Portsmouth, NH 03801

WHEN: January 25, 2014 from 12noon – 5pm

WHO: Portsmouth’s own Redhook Brewery, The Meat House & The Bison Council


P.S., Just as I railed about last year, they still have an unreasonable very high FEE for buying tickets online. This is crazy today. So many places, e.g., Loudon ‘Gift of Lights’, now offer FREE print-at-home ticketing. This sure is a negative for me. In the last 6 weeks I must have bought 4 sets of tickets online, all with instant, no-fee, print-at-home. I refuse to pay this crazy fee.

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