Fair Amount Of Snow In The Lakes Region (Alton) From The Martin Luther King Weekend Storm, Saturday Into Sunday.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.P1090407

Anura Guruge

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Slightly more snow than WMUR led us to believe — even with me automatically adding 2″ more to compensate for our higher, 660′, elevation.

Not heavy, but sticky. Hard to shovel. That said I spent 70 minutes shoveling. Entire drive is shoveled. Didn’t bother with the mailbox. No mail tomorrow. I will shovel it out Tuesday morning.

It is very pretty out here. All the trees have a coating of snow a couple inches deep. But, grey, miserable sky. No sun. WMUR is also wrong, so far, about the temperature getting up above 32ºF. At 11:30 am the thermometer in my bathroom with a wireless link to an outside sensor on the deck was reading 28ºF. I want the temp. to rise so the snow on the DirecTV dish will slide off. Yes, I can get out of there and brush it off with my snow shovel, but I would rather not because I haven’t put it together as yet, this year.


Click to ENLARGE.

It was fun to be out shoveling. I can’t imagine not being able to or not wanting to shovel. I find shoveling very soothing and satisfying. Having the two dogs froliking around and Teischan playing in the snow adds to the general feeling of bonhomie.


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